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How Can Organizational Design Improve Your Company?


The success of a company can be influenced by the organizational design. The design helps to keep the company focused and ensure that it is working towards its goal. Not only does it serve as a check and balance, it always helps to determine if the company is making any progress in regards to its perceived goals. While most companies might not know this term, it does not prevent them from having something of this nature set up. An effective design helps all those directly and indirectly involved with the company to become much more productive.

This article will attempt to itemize some ways that a company can improve by improving the organizational design. These approaches will require dedication and consistence in order to have the desired result.

1. Filling in the right personnel into positions.

Every post in the organization should be filled by those that can perform the functions effectively. For instance, Managers/ Team leaders should be people that are efficient. They should be able to motivate and inspire the members of their team. They should also be able to distribute functions to every member of the team. The managers/ Team leaders should be able to determine the capability of their members and distribute duties according to their capability.

2. Every Sector of the Organization must have a purpose.

Every sections of an organization are put in place to achieve a particular goal. Collectively, all the sections work towards an organizational goal. There must be clarity in every goal that is put in place for the sectors. Every member of a sector should understand the goal they are aiming at. Changes and progress should also be made know to all members of the sector. This way they all feel important and can work in harmony with other sectors outlined in the organizational design.


3. Communication should be effective in the organizational design.

The channel of communications should be clear cut in the design. There must be a mode of communication that will effectively cover all sections of the organization and not only within one section. The seniors must be able to reach all members of the organization via their section leaders in a timely manner. This communication channel should also avail all members within the network ability to reach each other.

4. Give room for changes.

With change been the only constant thing in the world, the only way you have stability is to allow changes when necessary. As innovations in technology arise, the organization should give room for these technologies to be included in the company’s plan.

The organization design should reflect all these points for the company to benefit fully from it. Irrespective of the type of design that you have in mind, it should carter not only for the goals, objectives and mission of the company but must include the personnel, their merits and their capabilities.

Source by Joseph Chinalu Osagu

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