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How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There?


Final Fantasy is arguably THE iconic Fantasy Sci-Fi RPG series and during its more than 30-year reign of gaming the franchise has produced plenty of hits and variations in gameplay for both old school and new gamers.

The franchise began in 1987 with the first Final Fantasy game being released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and most recently we saw the addition of Final Fantasy XV in 2016. Alongside the main series, the franchise boasts one of the most popular MMO games of today, Final Fantasy XIV.


Before Final Fantasy XVI hits stores you may be looking to catch up on some of the classic gems within the franchise so here is a complete list of all the Final Fantasy games out there today.

To date, there are around 100 games in the world of Final Fantasy or with some relation to the series, though the 15 numbered games make up the franchise’s core story. If you’re looking to get into the franchise then sticking to the numbered games is the way to go, however, if you want to experience everything it has to offer, there is plenty of spin-offs, subseries, and other content to dive into.

So that this list is more coherent we’ll be dividing these games up into the console or generation of console that they were released for, however, all of the main series games sore releases on other consoles later into their life. Another note is that some games only game to one singular device within their generation whether it be Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox.

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