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How Moviedle is more than just a Wordle clone, and creator Jeremy Toeman’s new partnership with Likewise TV


AugX Labs and 12:01 Games founder Jeremy Toeman believes that at the end of the day, great gaming experiences are born from one simple idea; to spread joy. That thesis has carried Toeman and company to new heights, and with millions of active users around the world — 12:01 Games continues to push the boundaries of conventional gaming experiences everywhere.

We Got This Covered sat down with Toeman in April to discuss the overnight success of his Wordle-inspired guessing game, Moviedle, and what came next for the fledgling publisher. Well, the time has come, as the minds behind Moviedle have partnered with the entertainment hub Likewise, as12:01 Games looks to bring their own personal touch to the recommendation service and beyond.

“Every time you play (our games), you just get a little happier,” Toeman echoed at the start of our exclusive interview. And after hearing more about the Bill Gates-backed media app Likewise TV, 12:01’s partnership with the startup seems to be a true match made in heaven.

The way Likewise works is simple; by using predictive artificial intelligence and an enthusiastic network of users and developers, Likewise is able to share streaming recommendations for your unique tastes — giving personalized TV, movie, book, and podcast suggestions every single day.

Yet, it’s not just recommendations. Likewise is also about facilitating discussion, which is why they allow their users to interact and help each other find new pieces of entertainment. The only problem is, what happens once you’ve found that bingeable hit show? What keeps users on the app until they come back for more content? That’s where Toeman and 12:01 Games come in.


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“They (Likewise) decided to build something which they now call the Likewise Arcade. And the basic idea is to turn these games into discovery,” Toeman says. He goes on to add, “Because their platform is so smart, you can start exploring, so you can find new movies, books, and podcasts based on your gaming preferences.”

The symbiotic relationship between the companies has seemingly paid off, with users flocking to Likewise constantly to get their gaming fix. These “microgames,” as Toeman calls them, are meant to be non-invasive bite-sized bits of fun. Daily puzzles to solve that don’t get in the way of your schedule and make for a brief moment of enjoyment.

“You play these games in a minute and then go about your day, right? We’ve always talked about how many millions of minutes of joy we’re creating every month, and if we use that to measure our performance — then it’s a success.”

Since launching Moviedle, 12:01 Games has added two other daily puzzles to their lineup that have grown exponentially.

The first is a highly popular image guessing game called Posterdle, where players are tasked with guessing a movie based on the pixelated photo of its poster. As time runs out, the poster becomes more clear, forcing you to test how quickly you can name that movie.

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