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How To Be Offline On Facebook Messenger


One of the questions that social media users ask themselves the most is how to be offline on Facebook MessengerUsing an iPhone, iPad, Android or PC, by default your Facebook friends can see that you are available to chat when you are connected to a social network. 

Sometimes, however, a rather strange thing happens, which is that you are online even if you are not using the Messenger app. This is due to the application blocking system, which, if not stopped, continue to be active in the background.

Therefore, in this guide, I decided to explain what you need to do to be completely invisible to your Facebook chat friends. I will try to explain to you in the simplest way how to appear inactive in Messenger’s online contact list and in Facebook chat. This way, you can hide your profile and no one will know when you connect to the instant messaging system of the social network. Ready to start? Then let’s not waste any more time.

How to be offline on Facebook Messenger

The first thing you need to know when you are wondering how to be offline on Facebook Messenger is that the classic procedure for doing this only allows you to disappear from the list of active profiles. In most cases, this is only necessary to avoid contact with other people. But if you think someone is spying on you through the Messenger, know that this hypothetical friend can still see if you are at stake . In single chats, in fact, the message is Active now or Active on Messenger remains under the name of your profile, which can be viewed by all contacts and, in many cases, cannot be turned off completely.

In such situations, the best choice is to block the person in the Message, although this choice will prevent you from communicating with him or seeing what he is posting. I remind you that you can do this even temporarily.

But if you don’t want to resort to such drastic methods, you can use alternative Messenger incognito solutions . To understand what I’m talking about, all you have to do is read the following in-depth analysis and try to apply it. We’ll start by doing a quick overview together, during which I’ll explain some of the theory elements that I’m sure will help you feel comfortable.

What it means to be offline on Messenger.

Appearance offline on Messenger doesn’t make sense if it’s an end in itself. In fact, what matters most is the dynamics that led you to this choice. One of the most common reasons is the ability to surf Facebook without the risk of being disturbed or spied on. Especially for those who manage the Page or have many friends, logging into a social network and receiving dozens of messages (maybe at the end of a long day at work) can be really stressful and annoying.

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If you recognize yourself in this situation, you have two main roads: the first will lead you to “cut all bridges to the world of social networks”, giving up the opportunities that this built environment can give you, often overcoming numerous disorders, with which you may encounter on the web; the smartest solution is instead the second, which allows you to show yourself inactive on Messenger by continuing to use the service. You would create something like a “temporary glass bell” around you.

But what does this mean in the real world? Basically, this means hiding your activity from your Facebook friends while continuing to use your instant messaging app. For example, these procedures can help you secretly communicate with certain people on Messenger without being noticed by others. Or even read a person’s messages without informing him that they were displayed (so that he can reply later without curious verification).

As you read on, you will learn how to remain invisible to other users, even if you are actually connected to Facebook Messenger. You will be able to limit the irritations that you are exposed to on a daily basis. At the end of the tutorial, I assure you that you can hide the last access, remove the check mark for reading and remain invisible in your friends’ contact list. Not bad at all, huh? But now let’s “stop the chatter” and get started.

Preliminary operations

I think it needless to remind you that if you want to be offline on Messenger, you need to be on Facebook . While the messaging app is now a service in itself, at least on paper, it remains closely related to the social network.

So, if you are already on Facebook, you first need to set starting points before proceeding. Some of them, not to be underestimated, are as follows:

  • Decide which users you want to be offline for;
  • Understand whether to disconnect from unused active sessions : this operation, in most cases, involves entering access data every time you want to access Messenger from unusual places and, therefore, unknown to the social network. In this case, however, you can use this feature to disconnect remote sessions that might cause unexpected connections;
  • Update the Messenger app for your operating system, be it Android or iOS (this can be done via Google Play or the App Store, respectively);
  • Update your smartphone’s operating system , especially if you don’t do it often.

The ones I’ve listed schematically are passages that are often overlooked when you want to stay inactive on Messenger. In fact, these are operations that are necessary for the success of the operation. This way you can avoid compatibility issues. However, I think we can start with a real tutorial.

How to not be visible in Messenger contacts

Now that you understand a little more about the contours of Facebook chat, it’s time to learn together how you can be offline in Messenger chat .

Below I have included all procedures related to this topic, divided by operating system and device. This way, you can tailor the steps to suit all your needs.


If you have an iOS device i.e. iPhone or iPad and you want it to appear invisible on Messenger, open the appropriate app and sign in.

After that go to the “People” tab . If you see active profiles, it means that you are also online with other people.

To stay anonymous on Messenger , click on your account photo (top left) and go to Profile (swipe). Then select Activity Status . Finally, disable the “Show when active” option and confirm the change by selecting “Disable” .

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After that, you can disappear from the Messenger online contacts section on all your friends’ phones. But don’t forget to check it from your computer as well (see below for how to do this).


If you have a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system , for example, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei, and you’re wondering how to stay in the offline mode, Facebook Messenger, you first need to enter into a social network through a formal Messenger application . If it is not already on board your smartphone, you can download it for free directly from this Google Play Store address .

On the main screen of the Messenger program , where all sent and received messages are displayed, you need to go to the “People” section and click the “Activate” button . There you can see all the contacts connected to the messaging app at any given time. In particular, you will see a list of profiles that are active in real time .

Now, to be offline on Facebook Messenger, tap your profile picture (see above) and tap the Activity Status option . It contains an option that will allow you to remain inactive even if you are using Messenger, i.e. Show when you are active . Just deactivate it to disappear from the list, but not hide.

How To Be Offline On Facebook Messenger
How To Be Offline On Facebook Messenger

However, after that, many people will not contact you, because they will think that you are really offline. On the other hand, you will no longer be able to see the list of active contacts. But you can always do it when you see fit. Just turn the switch on and off every time.

But remember to disconnect from your PC if you are also connecting from this device. Otherwise, you would be accessible from your computer (see below for how to solve this).


If you are using your computer and wondering how to be offline on Facebook Messenger, log into Facebook or Messenger Web . Then, if you use Facebook , Messenger, click the icon and select View Take the All on Messenger (See all in Appendix ).

In any case, you will see active conversations at this stage . Get started by tapping the Gear icon and after Active Contacts. If so, this means that you have never deactivated your active contact list.

Then return to the interactive menu that appears when you click on the Gear icon. Then select Settings . On the screen that appears, focus on the Activity Status option . Disable the toggle that appears next to Show Your Activity Status, which causes the Disable Offline action to be disabled to be fidgety. Finally, click on “Finish” .

Alternatively (or as a second check), you can connect to Facebook , open a chat (bottom right) and click on the Gear icon. If you’ve seen “Activate Activity Status ”, you can leave it as it is.

On the other hand, if I saw the written “Disable activity status “, it would mean that something did not work. Then click on that option and select one of these items:

  • Disable activity status for all contacts;
  • Disable activity status except for all contacts;
  • Deactivate activity status for some contacts only.

Thus, you can be offline on Messenger in many ways, so even for multiple people . When you have made your choice, click OK to confirm your changes. The effect will be immediate.

How not to be active in Messenger chats

As I mentioned in the beginning, the steps I showed you allows you to stay offline until you read the messages sent to you and other contacts enter the chat. In this case, in fact, your partner will display the last login (or activity status) under your profile name and the Messenger read checkbox on sent messages. Luckily for you, there are free third-party apps that allow you to view your message content without opening the app .

If you have a smartphone with Android operating system , I recommend that you use this app. Invisible, very simple yet brilliant at the same time. Invisibles copy the texts of incoming messages and display them on a separate screen so that you do not have to open Messenger. Yes, you read that correctly, new messages received on FB Messenger are cloned in real time (including notifications). You can also use it to be offline on WhatsApp and invisible on Instagram.

It goes without saying that if you intend to reply to a given message , your contact will immediately know that you have viewed what they wrote to you. However, if you replied via notifications , i.e. without logging into Messenger, you can chat incognito without being noticed by other profiles, while your privacy settings remain unchanged.

On iOS , however, there are no similar apps to do what I just showed you. However, this can be done in two main ways:

  • Read messages from notifications so as not to be online (and, possibly, respond from there);
  • Jailbreak to iOS and use one of the many tweaks on the net.

Obviously, the second solution is the most difficult to apply, as it includes procedures that I do not recommend unless you are an experienced user. However, it is also true that this method is beneficial in terms of functionality.

As for the PC , however, be it Windows , macOS or Ubuntu / Linux , being invisible on Messenger and reading messages is child’s play. The Facebook messaging app actually runs inside a browser and, as you know, Google Chrome is full of free extensions for all tastes that allow you to pursue, more or less, any goal.

My advice in this case is to use the free “Invisible – Chat Privacy ” add -on, which can be found at this URL in the Chrome Web Store . Thanks to this, you will be able to block the status of access to Messenger and the check mark of the read message.


Now that we’ve gotten to the end of the guide on how to be offline on Facebook Messenger, you’ve noticed how to avoid the social media management system is actually very simple. However, you must be very careful about the deep relationship between Facebook and Messenger . As I said, in fact, even though Messenger has been available as a standalone application for a while, it still uses the servers of the social network for its work.

This means that if you don’t log into Messenger, but log into Facebook without turning off your online status , your contacts will still see that you are in front of the screen of your PC, tablet or smartphone.

However, I remind you that in order to be truly inactive on Messenger, you need to follow the steps described on each device you use . So try to pay attention to your movements so as not to fool yourself by trying to stay anonymous on Facebook.


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