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How to Book Appointment in American Embassy (2020)



Generally, as a Nigerian citizen, you cannot enter the United States of America without a visa. You need to, first of all, obtain a visa, whether it is a visa for temporal stay or visa or for permanent residence.


How to Book Appointment in American Embassy

As an applicant for the American visa, you have to appear in person in Abuja, or the consulate general in Lagos. There are two ways you can book for your appointment at the American embassy. This can be done either through the call centre or via online application.

Method 1: Book appointment via online application

For online application, follow these steps below:

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Step1: Visit this link

For Callers in Nigeria: +23412278955

For Callers in the US: +17035202575

Restrictions to Changing Appointments

Individuals that have already booked for an appointment are limited to the number of times they can reschedule their appointments.  As stated on the site, all fees paid are non-refundable. So you have to pay again when you book for an appointment again.

Supporting Documents Needed for the Visa Interview

When book appointments, you need to have the following documents ready with you to give the important information that is required.

  1. A passport that is valid for travel to America with a validity date of at least six months  prior to the intended period of stay
  2. The payment receipt for your visa application this should be from GTbank.
  3. Your DS-160 confirmation page document
  4. Your Valid e-mail address and telephone number

Completion of a Medical Examination for the US Visa Appointment

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services want every applicant to complete a medical appointment with an authorized physician in the country where they will attend their interview.

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By “authorized physician” we mean a doctor who is approved by the US embassy in your country. If you complete your medical check with another doctor, the consular will not accept it as valid.

In your medical examination, a lot would be examined. For instance, your medical history would be examined. You would also be examined physically (eyes, ears, nose and throat, extremities, heart, lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, and external genitalia). Also not forgetting, you would need to bring a copy of your immunization records.

Things To Note Attending US Visa Interview Appointment

Before you attend your interview you need to take your time to do some homework, so that you don’t feel lost. The person that would interview you is the consular officer. In this process, your fingerprints would be scanned.

Do not carry along with you, any foods, backpacks, laptops or big bags to the embassy. You have to take very few things with you. Also, endeavour to dress in a simple manner.

Arrive at the consulate

As an attendee to your interview, you need to arrive on time. Sometimes, you might have to wait in a queue, but that does not guarantee late coming. Try to be in the meeting, at least, 10 minutes earlier.

Fingerprint verification

When you enter the entrance of the embassy, you would be taken through the security door. This security door has a full-body metal detector scan.

Onwards, you would receive a token, which you would use for the interview. Finally, your fingerprints would be scanned and you would receive further instructions.

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Enter the interview

After submitting your fingerprint, you will have to wait in the lounge area. Here, you would wait quietly for your turn. When you will hear your name, then you move in for your interview with your necessary documents. Try to arrange the documents properly, so that you don’t have to mess with your hands when you meet the interviewer.

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