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How to Change Ruler Units in Adobe Photoshop. 


Adobe Photoshop’s rulers are really useful when you’re cropping, combining, or otherwise editing your images. counting on what you’re doing, you would possibly want them to display pixels, percentages, or maybe inches.

Here’s the way to change their units.

photoshop rulers highlighted
If you don’t see the rulers on the sting of your document, attend View > Rulers, or use the keyboard shortcut Control+R (Command+R on a Mac).
You can hide the rulers if you don’t need them. Use an equivalent commands.

show rulers menu option

How to Change the Ruler Units
Adobe Photoshop supports seven unit types:

ruler pixels inches

Picas (1 pica = 12 points)


unit change dropdown
The quickest thanks to change between them is to right-click on a ruler and choose the choice you would like from the menu .
You can also change the unit through Photoshop’s preferences pane. attend Edit > Preferences > Units & Rulers. (On a Mac, attend Photoshop > Preferences > Units & Rulers.)

Under “Units,” click the “Rulers” dropdown, then select the units you would like to use.

Note: once you change the ruler units in one document, it changes them altogether your open Photoshop documents.

changing units in preferences pane

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the default ruler units or set them to match your images’ measurements. Photoshop remembers the last unit you used.

Again, unfortunately not—you can’t set different ruler units for different documents in the application. The ruler unit is a global setting. If you change it in one Photoshop document, it’s changed in all Photoshop documents.

(Yes, this is super annoying if you’re editing images and laying out print designs at the same time.)

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