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How To Change Your Desktop Background


The background of the desktop (or wallpaper for the desktop) can be customized according to your wishes and preferences. On Windows, for example, it only takes a few minutes.

There are two ways to change the wallpaper. The easiest is to right-click on the image and select an option that will set it as your desktop background. You can also change the desktop background, right-click on the desktop window and selecting Properties ( Properties has ), to change the setting by using the tab Appearance ( the Appearance Tab ). The background image can then be stretched, tiled, or centered.

What is a desktop background

A desktop background is an image or wallpaper that is used as a background on a computer screenWallpaper is a general term used to refer to the graphical interface in Microsoft Windows .

Change your desktop background

The easiest way to change your desktop background is to select the image you want to set as your background and right-click on it. Then select Set as desktop background ( that will Set image as desktop background):

How To Change Your Desktop Background

There are three ways to set the background: tile, center, and stretch.

For Windows 95, 98 and previous versions need to right-click on the desktop and select Properties screen ( the Display Properties has ):

In the window that appears, click Desktop ( Desktop ). Here you can also choose your background and even view the images that will be set as the background. In the position of ( the Position ), you can choose how you want the background to be displayed (Tile, centered or stretched to fill the screen).

Change desktop background in Windows 10

To change the desktop background in Windows 10 , click Windows > Preferences ( the Settings )> Personalization ( the Personalization )> background ( the Background ):


Then click the drop-down menu below the background to choose what type of background you would like to have. The options are: Picture ( the Picture ), Fill ( the Solid Color ) or Slide show ( Slideshow ):


To make the background image, select the image ( the Picture ), then scroll down and click Browse (Browse), to select which photos to the hard drive you want to set as the background. If you do not like the picture display, click Select the appropriate ( -in Choose a the Fit ), to make a change.

Change desktop background in Windows 7

To change the desktop background in Windows 7 , right-click on a blank part of the desktop and select Personalize . Then, select the Desktop Background (Desktop Background) in the lower left corner of the window.

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You can choose a background from the default ones, or choose your own picture on your hard drive. Then click Save changes (Save Changes), and close the window.

For all users in Windows

If you manage a large network of Windows computers and want to change the desktop background on all of them, you do not need to do it on each one individually.

Go to Start ( Etpu Start ) and enter the command line Run ( the Run ). Then enter the gpedit.msc command and click OK:

How To Change Your Desktop Background

figuration )> Administrative Templates ( to Administrative Templates )> Desktop ( Desktop )> Desktop Wallpaper ( Desktop Wallpaper )> On ( then Enabled ):

How To Change Your Desktop Background

Now enter the source image you want to use as your desktop background, in a field next to the name (Name). Then click Apply ( the Apply ) to save the changes and OK to close the window.

Change desktop background on Mac

You can also easily change your desktop background on a Mac .

Open the Photos app and select the photo you would like to use as your desktop background. Click the right mouse button, then select Share ( Share )> Set the image on the desktop ( the Set Desktop Picture ):

How To Change Your Desktop Background

If the desired image is already on your desktop, simply click the right mouse button and select the Install icon on the desktop ( the Set Desktop Picture ):

How To Change Your Desktop Background


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