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How To Change Your Location On WhatsApp From Android


The modern era of technology is significantly different from the past in the high level of interconnection to which everyone is exposed. The biggest step forward in this regard is the use by users of globally valid services, both in hardware and software. Geolocation has undoubtedly played a key role in this development, and we all know how much the impact of GPS on mobile devices has changed our lives. However, this creates an important dilemma regarding our privacy. Is it really worth being traceable at all times? It is for this reason that today you may have decided to change WhatsApp location on Android .

The instant messaging app actually gives you the ability to take advantage of geolocation to share your location with your contacts. However, this service, if used with an intent that is not entirely transparent, puts you at significant risk. As I showed you earlier, it is relatively easy to find the location of a WhatsApp contact. Therefore, in many cases it can be useful to “trick the application” into showing fake GPS coordinates. In this guide, I’ll show you how.

How to change your location on WhatsApp from Android

The first question I want to answer is “Can you change WhatsApp location on Android? ”. As I’ve shown you several times in the past, the operating system Google built is very versatile in this regard and gives you the ability to lay your hand on some of the options more difficult to access on iOS. This means that you will be able to perform this operation on board your smartphone without too much trouble, regardless of whether you have rooted the operating system.

Obviously, depending on the options at your disposal, you will have to take different paths. You can still modify the GPS. If you are interested in this guide, then you will have to stay for a few minutes with my company. I will try to make it as easy as possible for you to get another WhatsApp location on your Android smartphone.

How does WhatsApp access your Android location?

Before getting into the heart of this guide, I want to explain how WhatsApp recognizes the location of your Android phone . As you know, the instant messaging application is made up of software and does not include any sensors (how could that be?) Suitable for this. To find out your location, in fact, WhatsApp must have access to GPS on board your smartphone.

However, as you may have noticed, this operation does not happen automatically. When you first install WhatsApp, you will be prompted to access the registered location from your device.

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Only by guaranteeing access will you be able to take advantage of the geolocation on board the instant messaging app. This is usually quite accurate, with a degree of deviation of the order of several meters.

Localization types for WhatsApp on Android

You should know that there is more than one type of location on WhatsApp . Facebook’s own app allows you to choose between two types of line items that you can post in conversations and groups, namely:

  • current location
  • Real-time location

The first type represents a location at a given time and remains static even if you move. In addition, you can select the location with real-time update. This geolocation mode will track you over a period of time ranging from 15 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours, transmitting your position in real time in a group or in one chat. For more information, read How to send a location on WhatsApp.

Send another location to WhatsApp for Android.

After this brief but honest introduction, it’s time to figure out how to send a different location to WhatsApp for Android . As I told you, there are many methods available to you, but they are still subject to some basic conditions that I will not hesitate to list as I develop this guide.

So sit down, hold your smartphone and keep reading the steps below.


What many don’t know is that the application has a built-in ability to “vary position” (indirectly, of course). This one is often “removed”, the term is given to me, because it is little known, but in some cases it can be really interesting. Always remember that this method may not work for real-time tracking, but only for instant tracking. However, if your goal is to send a static position that is different from the real one, then this is the right method for you.

First open the WhatsApp app and select the conversation you want to send your location to. Here, click on the paperclip symbol corresponding to the Attach option and select Location .

How To Change Your Location On WhatsApp From Android
How To Change Your Location On WhatsApp From Android

Now, on the map that appears on your screen, click on the small square (in the upper left corner). This way you can swipe the map to change your location on WhatsApp based on your Android location. After selecting the new GPS coordinates, click the Send this location button .

Keep in mind that if you do this, people who are used to seeing places on WhatsApp will immediately discover you . To generate a real fake WhatsApp location, you must use one of the apps below.


If you want to do a sharper and clearer job, you can use one of the repositioning apps on Android . As a result, after activation, you will be able to change it in WhatsApp.

There are dozens of these alternatives in the Play Store. I’ve picked two that, in my experience, work the best and have the least stability issues.


Fake GPS Location is a real must for all those users who, like you, want to change location on WhatsApp from Android. This application has more stable performance than other similar alternatives. However, it is really very easy to use.

First you need to download and install Fake GPS Location. You can find it at this Google Play address and it’s completely free. Next, you need to open the developer options and enable “App Mock Location ” or the corresponding option (the name may vary depending on the Android launcher). In this section, you have to select Fake GPS Location from the available apps. Then you can allow the application to generate dummy positions.

Now open the Fake GPS Location app . You will find yourself in front of the world map , where you can move the location icon wherever you want. Remember to move the map to move the pointer. Once you have selected the country you prefer, or simply a location in Italy, click the Play button marked in green (see below).

From now on, you can use your fake location on WhatsApp without any problem, including real-time localization. Remember that after you have finished your “session” to abort the application, otherwise your position will be stoned for other applications as well.


Likewise, you can decide to use Fake GPS Location PRO . While it may look like the premium version of the previous app, it is actually developed by a different team and is free. You can find it at this Play Store address .

Like the previous alternative, Fake GPS Location PRO also relies heavily on ease of use. Once you open the app, you just need to provide access to the location data. Also remember as I showed you earlier to select an app as a source in developer settings , under the heading dummy position .

After that, you can easily “move anywhere in the world ” (virtually, of course) and change the location of WhatsApp from Android at any time by pressing the “Play” button .

Again, if you need to use Google Maps or send your real location, be sure to pause the app using the appropriate button.

If you have root permissions on Android

Have you got administrator rights on your Android smartphone? Then you probably know that rooting a phone means you can access many other options that would otherwise be inaccessible to users with low roles.

However, there is no particular advantage to changing your location on WhatsApp. Changing your location on WhatsApp from Android is actually the perfect option even without unlocking the superuser on your smartphone, as I showed you in the previous paragraphs.

The only good thing that you can get with root permissions is the continuous running of the application . Sometimes, in fact, it can happen that the application manager by default closes the service or application after a certain period of time. However, using administrator rights, you will be able to act according to these settings manually.

Considering also that unlocking the bootloader required to gain root privileges is in many cases not valid for the warranty on your smartphone, I suggest you think carefully about whether this small advantage is worth solving any problems later.

WhatsApp location control changed to Android

Before completing this guide, in which I explained how to change your position on WhatsApp from Android, I will give you advice to help you avoid a bad impression. In fact, you should be aware that while the solutions I have given you work fine in most cases, there can still be “borderline situations” where the application is not doing its job .

In this case, before sending your location to a WhatsApp group or conversation, open Google Maps (or a similar app that uses GPS positioning ) and make sure it is a fictitious location that you set using a third-party app.

Services that allow different GPS locations to be shown on WhatsApp affect all applications on your smartphone , including maps. So you might want to do this quick check to make sure everything is working in the best possible way.


Changing your location on WhatsApp is technically called GPS spoofing . However, you should be aware that this procedure has limitations . You can then go back to randomly show your current location on the map.

For example, when you restart your smartphone , the GPS spoofing service is interrupted. In this case, as soon as the phone is turned on, simply open the application again and select the desired location.

Also check that the Android power saving feature called Doze is not active for the app you are using. In this way, you will be able to prevent the configuration of this automatic optimization system from being changed.

Also, I suggest you whitelist the GPS spoofing app in your task manager . Otherwise, while in the background, the GPS spoofing service may be interrupted without warning.

Don’t forget, however, that by using the methods I explained in this tutorial, you will not be protected from any kind of IP snooping . They, thanks to the discovery of your public Internet address, may still be able to track your real location. For more information, see the guide on how to hide the IP address.


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