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How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop


If your laptop starts to run out of power quickly, it is worth checking the status of its battery. Windows 10 allows you to get a detailed report on the state of the battery, its real power and the autonomy of the computer.

Battery life is one of the important parameters that we are guided by when choosing a laptop. However, it is possible that over time the battery will become discharged faster.


Windows 10 has a complete device battery diagnostic feature. The test shows its real capacity for a moment check, as well as other information that will allow you to improve the autonomy of your laptop. The procedure to follow is quite simple.

Windows 10 laptop battery diagnostics

You do not need any special software to test the health of your laptop battery. In Windows 10, you can start battery diagnostics using the system command:

  • Enter 

    in the Windows 10 search bar in the lower left corner of the screen.

  • Right-click the Command Prompt application and select Run as administrator .
How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop
How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop

A command prompt window will open. At the blinking white cursor, enter the command

powercfg / batteryreport / output "C: \ diagnostic_batterie.html"

, then press Enter to run the laptop battery health report.

After a few seconds, a message will appear confirming that the report has been generated: C: \ diagnostic_batterie.html . This catalog contains detailed information about your battery.

Accessing your laptop battery status report

To open a report with a diagnosis of your battery, do the following:

  • Start Windows 10 Explorer (yellow folder icon on the taskbar)
  • Click This PC in the left column.
  • Double-click the drive labeled Windows (C 🙂

When the folder opens, you will find the report generated by Windows 10. Double-click the Diagnostic_battery.html file to open it in a regular web browser.

How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop
How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop

How to analyze the battery status report

The report provided by Windows 10 is called Battery Report . It is displayed in English. After the information about the configuration of your laptop, a diagnosis of the battery itself follows.

Under Installed Batteries, Windows 10 reports the actual battery capacity ( Full Charge Capacity ). What follows is information about the initial battery capacity (upon purchase).

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After two years of use, the battery typically loses 30 to 40% of its original capacity.

A bit further down the detailed report is the Battery Capacity History chart , which shows how much the battery capacity has decreased since the computer was purchased.

How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop
How To Check The Battery Status Of A Windows 10 Laptop

Assessment of laptop autonomy

  • The Recent Usage and Battery Usage tables provide an encrypted or graphical report of how the battery has been used in the last few days. This data allows you to check whether the battery is charging properly when the laptop is plugged in, and whether it is draining too quickly when running on battery power.
  • The last section of the report ( Battery Life Estimate ) provides a rough estimate of the actual battery life of your laptop. In this table, Windows 10 calculates usage time for the first time based on the actual current battery capacity (column At Full Charge ).


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