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How To Craft Ladders In Minecraft


Crafting is at the core of Minecraft, to no surprise given its name, but the game’s system is quite expansive with plenty of different items for both cosmetic and practical use.

When it comes to building structures high, you’re gonna need to have ways to climb up and ladders are one of the most common and effective options. Players can craft this item from relatively early in the game given its simple build structure and readily available materials.

Here is everything you’ll need to know and do to craft yourself ladders in Minecraft.


Ladders are one of the most simple items to craft in Minecraft and they come in extremely handy within both building and exploring.

You’re going to need one item to craft these and that is simple wood blocks. Here’s the down-low on how to acquire them and continue on to build your ladder.

You’re only going to get three ladders out of seven sticks so make sure to collect as many resources as necessary for your build.

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