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How To Download Videos From TikTok To Smartphone


The popular short video sharing platform TikTok has one feature that you may not have heard of: you can download videos posted on TikTok by other users even if you don’t have an account on that platform and even if the video creator has blocked this option.

If you would like to download content hosted on TikTok, follow these simple instructions:

How to download videos from TikTok to smartphone

When you find a video of interest on TikTok, press and hold the center of the screen for a few seconds. A menu will open displaying the Save Video option . Select it and wait a few seconds. Once downloaded, the video will be saved in the default photo app on your device (usually Photos on iPhone and Google Photos or Gallery on Android phones).

How to download a video if another user blocked the download

Sometimes the author of the video you are interested in can block downloads. In this case, when you click on the center of the screen, the Save Video option will not appear.

What to do in this case?

Fortunately, there are external apps for Android and Apple devices that allow you to download locked videos.

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If you have an Android phone, you can install the Video Downloader app for TikTok for free, which is available from the Google Play store.

If you are using an iPhone, find the TikTok downloader tab found in the Shortcuts section of iOS 12 and later.

How to protect your videos from unwanted downloads

So, it is easy to upload videos of other users even without their consent. But what if you don’t want other users to download your videos?

How To Download Videos From TikTok To Smartphone
How To Download Videos From TikTok To Smartphone

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to protect your videos from downloading if your profile is public. If you want to ensure the safety of your publications, close your account from unauthorized users. This way your videos will only be seen by those you authorize to view your content.

To do this, log into the app, go to the Settings section and change the privacy level. If you don’t want your account to appear in search results on TikTok, turn off the Allow others to find me option .


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