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How To Enable Auto-Answer Call On Your iPhone or iPad


If you use an iOS smartphone, you might be interested in learning more about auto answering calls, one of its lesser known but, in my opinion, more interesting features. As the name suggests, this is an option, when activated, the iPhone spontaneously answers any incoming call (both “regular” and made using WhatsApp, FaceTime and other similar applications).
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I understand that this function may seem a little unnecessary or even annoying to you. Most of us would like to be able to choose which calls to answer and which ones to ignore, especially if we are bombarded with spam or work questions. But there are also many positives about auto-responding on iPhones . In this tutorial, I’ll help you figure out if it’s right for you and explain in detail how to use it.

What is Auto-Answer Call On Your iPhone or iPad

The iPhone answering machine is a feature that allows you to answer incoming calls without lifting the handset for a specified number of seconds (known as the waiting time). This applies to all types of incoming calls : not only “classic” calls , but also audio / video calls made through messaging applications such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telegram, Instagram Direct and others.

For the time before the automatic answer, if it is not too short, you can see who is calling and, if you wish, reject the call.

How To Activate Auto-Answer Call

  1. Go to the ” Settings ” section ;
  2. Scroll down until you find Accessibility ;
  3. Select Press , then Call Routing ;
  4. Click on the Autoresponder and “enable ” the button (enable the option);
  5. Then choose a waiting time .


  1. Go to the ” Settings ” section ;
  2. Scroll down until you find Accessibility ;
  3. Choose Menu> Call routing;
  4. Click on the Answering machine and turn off the button (turn off the option).

When is it useful

An iPhone answering machine is essential for anyone who, for one reason or another, needs to be able to easily answer calls. It is no coincidence that it can be found in the Accessibility menu, along with other options that make it easier to use the smartphone according to everyone’s needs, such as voice guidance, voice control, subtitling for the deaf, etc.


But it is also true that an answering machine can be useful for people who want to answer a call, but their hands are busy. For example, you can activate it before driving a long distance in order to receive a phone call without looking up from the steering wheel (if this is not possible, stop and talk at the stop).

Other uses

Automatically answering iPhone calls can also be used for less “noble” purposes, that is, to secretly check what other people are doing .

To do this, you need to activate this option on the smartphone of the person you want to spy on (for example, a friend or partner) and set the timeout to 0. If you do, that person’s iPhone will immediately answer every call, and you can listen to whatever the microphone receives without noticing anyone (unless the owner of the phone checks the call log).

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Obviously, this is both legally and ethically wrong , so I highly recommend not trying. I mean, I’m sure you wouldn’t like it at all if someone did that to you, would you?

SMS Auto reply

An alternative is to automatically reply iPhone SMS . If this option is enabled, iPhone will send a predefined text message to everyone who calls or texts you, informing you that you are not available at the moment, that you will call them back soon, that you are in a meeting, etc.

To use this feature, you first need to put your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode (remember, this feature is also useful for blocking private numbers on iOS). Then choose which contacts to send the automatic SMS to (None, Recent, Favorites or All), and finally, compose a short text that will be delivered if you are contacted.


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