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How To End A Relationship


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Knowing exactly how to end your relationship (or marriage) can be a real life-saver. Let’s face it, the very thought of ending it can make you cringe. And who do you even ask for advice? Chances are, your friends are probably no better at it than you.
I’m going to help you out with expert advice and tips to show you how you can walk away from a relationship. By the end of this article you’ll know how to prepare for it, how to do it and how not to do it.
So, whether you…
  • are falling out of love
  • are constantly feeling rejected and can’t take it anymore
  • can’t be with someone for any other reason (perhaps an affair)

… this series of three articles is for you.
Want to know even more than you’ll find on these three pages? I cover every aspect of endings in more detail in my other articles. A relationship breakup is never going to be easy, but you can prevent it from becoming a disaster.

“I don’t love you anymore.”

You can end a relationship or get a divorce with confidence and compassion whilst also meeting your own emotional needs. You may even be able to break up amicably.
Think of it as doing away with your all-time favourite jumper. It’s been looking tatty for some time, maybe it even has some holes in it. You chuck it out whilst you remember fondly its long-gone looks and qualities.
When you learn how to end a relationship, you’ll discover how the whole process of walking away can be very ‘manageable’, taking less time, less stress and energy. Doing it well means it’s going be less costly – both emotionally and financially.
If you have kids, I’d really like you to read my page on Children in the Middle of separation and divorce to help you make the process more manageable for them too.

Legal advice or not?

If you have shared assets you need to be sure that you know exactly where you stand legally and financially before you make the decision to break up. Simply getting that advice early on will help you to feel more confident. You’ll want to know what your rights are, and what rights your partner has.

Need more courage?

Sometimes a relationship or marriage really does need to end – particularly if you’ve done all you can to try and save it, or if you’re in an abusive relationship, you just need to go for it. I realise though that if your particular religion forbids it or shames you for ending your relationship, you may really struggle to make that decision.
To help you create the ‘best’ kind of ending, I recommend hypnotherapy – it’s both effective and very user-friendly.  Have a look at my Self-Hypnosis Downloads page and try the download: Ending a relationship.
If by any chance you’re still not quite sure that you’re making the right decision, take my End Relationship Test: Stay or Walk Away to help get the clarity you need to work out what is best for you – and your partner. You may even discover that there is still much to fight for.
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