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How to Find Ideas to Make Money Online


The following are my simple steps on product creation for internet marketers:

Step 1

Google Keyword Tool. Use the Google keyword tool to find out what topics people are searching for. Pay special attention to the number of searches for each keyword. Select CPC, which means cost per click. This indicates how much advertisers are willing to pay to advertise to that specific audience. If there are no searches and no advertising dollars it probably isn’t a good niche to try make money in online. For example if you want to start a website on a specific subject and there are no keywords related to it, and no searches find another topic to base your business on.

Step 2

Visit Google Trends to find out about hot stories in the news.

Step 3

Visit eBay Pulse to find out what people are spending money on. Search the completed listings to find out which items are being sold at buy it now. Pay attention to auctioned items that have a high number of bids and solid sale price.


Step 4

Create or use someone else business model. This could be found through eBooks, membership websites with instructions, or trial and error.

Tips & Warnings

* If something does not get results, do something else.

*Stick with one method for how to do something. Trying to combine 5 business models at once will only leave you confused, master one thing at a time. Rinse and repeat.

*If you need to learn how to do something to improve your online business, locate the information and buy it, read it in library books, watch how to videos, do something actively to learn how.

Good luck

Source by Tony Edmund

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