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How To Flourish Your Brand with Custom Hair Oil Boxes



Choosing to spend thousands on stock packaging is the worst investment you can ever make. If you truly wish to create a unique effect, custom hair oil boxes are your one and only solution. Customized packaging has gotten more love this year than any other.

Though big hair oil brands always used this tactic to draw more customers. But even the small hustles are now interested in packaging their hair oils in beautiful packages. You can truly desire and enjoy creating Custom hair oil boxes if done right!

Here is a guide on how to flourish your brand with custom hair oil boxes.

Top 3 Reasons You Need Custom Hair Oil Boxes

There are still misconceptions on why customized packaging is not the way. But here are 3 top reasons you should consider Custom hair oil boxes!


  1. The Unboxing Experience
  2. Customer Requirements
  3. Uniqueness & Preservation

Add Details – As Much as You Can

Customers like details. It’s a hard ridden fact, and one that goes ignored. The littlest things matter. The logo matters, the feeling of the hair oil box matters, even the shape. All of it matters. Customers are ready to nit pick each product, and if your said hair oils have a defective tone of a custom box, you are doing more damage than good.


Customizing hair oil boxes requires a hard core effect, and the details are important. From the ratings of an embossed hair oil box, to the opening of it, you need to add details – and as much as you can.

To flourish your brand, you need to have the perfect logo, the perfect box style, the best printing technologies, and a glorious finish on your custom hair oil! This is the key factor in making effective wholesale hair oil packaging that sells!

A Story with Gift Hair Oil Boxes

To flourish your brand, you need the best customized hair oil boxes. And to make them so, a story is very much required. Whether you want to help your oil audience gain their lost hair back, or whether you want to moisturize your customer’s hair to their end roots, everything can be portrayed in a well manner with customized hair oil boxes.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right packaging material and features to adorn your custom hair oil boxes with. And you can tell your attraction through your mailer hair oil boxes with promotional inserts inside them, or the illustrations of your wholesale printed custom hair oil boxes.


How to Charge Your Hoverboard

Make An Impression with Colour Vibrance

Think of a simple cardboard dull brown box on your doorstep. Your shipped product sits right in front of you! The one you waited so long for! But there’s no excitement. You only feel disappointed that the corner of the hair oil box is tarnished, and even worse! The entire bottle is broken because of the damaged Shipping!

On the other hand, you have a pretty colored box, waiting to be opened by you. It even has a ribbon on top! The company’s logo, a vibrant shade that makes your neighbors go WOW! And that is the hair oil box you opt for.

This explains how a simple difference in colour and features such as die cut and plating on a custom hair oil box affects customer decisions. Having a vibrant coating on custom hair oil packaging helps you attract the attention of neighbours, and possibly your rival’s buyers! You can immediately get a bonus by standing on the shelf with confidence in your product packaging too!

How To Flourish Your Brand with Custom Hair Oil Boxes
How To Flourish Your Brand with Custom Hair Oil Boxes

Go With Rigid Mailer Boxes – Your Best Shipping Pal

As mentioned above, choosing the right packaging and style is the best way to flourish your brand. Just how it is with colour. If you choose a common style of hair oil box, with no uniqueness whatsoever, you may be losing a well designated part of consumers.


We’ve all seen hair oil with a pretty box. But no one has seen unique shapes such as magnetic closure hair oil boxes, or even a mailer box with custom rigid boxes !

This is why we say, for your subscription module, rigid mailer boxes from GCB are your best bet! These custom hair oil boxes with a mailer packaging material ship your hair oils safely to any desired place.

You can add packaging peanuts and other inserts to protect the jottles. And stop them from rattling and breaking. This can leave a lasting impression on your customised hair oil boxes and you can sell more with less!

Brand Your Boxes with Custom Printed Hair Oil Packaging

Branding your hair oil boxes is a matter of minutes with the fast quotes from GCB. You don’t have to worry about the delivery and manufacturing process of custom hair oil boxes.

If you choose GetCosmeticBoxes as your designated packaging company, you have an array of Box by style collections, the beat after of the art printing technologies, with coatings that will make your wholesale custom hair oil boxes look luxurious!

Place your order today today flourish and elevate your hair oil business with custom hair oil packaging!

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