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How To Get Free Internet: Apps For Free Internet Connection


You have run out of Internet on your phone and there is no Wi-Fi network nearby? Don’t panic. There are special applications that provide access to the Internet even when Wi-Fi and data are not available. Here we will tell you about some apps that provide free Internet connection from your phone.

WiFi Map

As the name suggests, WiFi Map opens up a map of the world where you can find your location or indicate your GPS position. The application will then provide information on all possible Internet connection options nearby </bold>.

Each of these connection points is accompanied by connection instructions, which in many cases even reveal the network password. You can also consult on the quality and data transfer rate of each of the connection points.

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This app is available for download on iOS and Android. We especially recommend it to people who travel frequently.



To use Wiffinity, you need a device with an active GPS function. This service is also created as a map of the area. The app shows the connection points available in your location. Wiffinity is available for Android and iOS. Wiffinity contains promotional content that makes the app free.

How to Get Free Internet: Apps for free internet connection
How to Get Free Internet: Apps for free internet connection

Your Freedom for Android

Your Freedom is an application available for Android that allows you to access various internet servers without any traffic charges </bold>. In addition, it makes it possible to bind the IP address of your device to anywhere in the world.

How to Get Free Internet: Apps for free internet connection
How to Get Free Internet: Apps for free internet connection

To start using Your Freedom, simply download and install the app.

Opera VPN for iOS

Opera VPN is a popular free mobile browser equipped with VPN mode. Its security system allows you to open pages blocked in certain countries, as well as access some Internet servers for free.

With this application, you can also browse sites anonymously and block cookies.


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