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How To Hide A WhatsApp Contact


With WhatsApp, you can chat in real time with many people, exchange messages, multimedia files and audio recordings. As long as the application remains active on our iOS or Android smartphone, and as long as the latter remains connected to the Internet, we will always be available free of charge, with the advantage that we can bypass traditional messaging services (especially SMS ) and more formal email.

The other side of the coin lies in the possible negative aspects of hyperconnection and the presence of a large amount of personal information in one application. In fact, even if our smartphone is a personal object, often protected by a PIN code, it is still something that we always carry with us and that can be noticed (even without malicious purposes) by people around us. In the most common cases, the target is the WhatsApp application and related chats. And since this is from real people, it is not hard to learn about some things. One of the best ways to protect your privacy in such cases is to hide your WhatsApp contact . This will confuse those who, for whatever reason, decide to violate the privacy of others. So let’s see how to protect yourself.

How to hide a WhatsApp contact

In this guide, I will explain how to make the WhatsApp account you are chatting with unidentifiable and invisible, while maintaining the history of your conversations . This way, you don’t have to worry if a third party takes your cell phone to “spy” on the contents of your chats or to find out the identity of the people with whom you communicate.

On the other hand, and I’ll tell you right now, my goal is not to push you to lie, or to cover up illegal facts and conversations, but only to provide you with the best tools to protect your privacy on WhatsApp in a legal way .

As always, I remind you that the use of my advice will be entirely up to you. Therefore, you will act at your own peril and risk.

Why it is useful to hide a WhatsApp contact.

Privacy protection is the main reason why it can be useful to hide a contact on WhatsApp. However, this can be relevant in different ways.

Creating a WhatsApp profile you are chatting with can be used to prevent other people present from identifying the sender of a message based on a notification , or keep your chats from falling into the hands of intrusive people who can then take your phone away from you.

Another reason a WhatsApp contact might be hidden is because someone with access to your device cannot retrieve its phone number . This circumstance arises especially in cases where uncontrollable episodes of jealousy or quarrels between friends and relatives make it preferable to mask the contact’s name to prevent copying his number and receiving unsolicited messages or calls.

In any case, if your privacy situation raises concerns or concerns, seek help from people you trust.

How to make WhatsApp contacts invisible.

Now I will show you what you can do to hide one or more contacts on WhatsApp . The procedures differ significantly on iOS and Android. But don’t worry, because in every detail I will explain exactly how to move in both mobile operating systems.


The easiest way to disguise a WhatsApp contact is to change its name . Thus, anyone with access to a chat list or address book may have difficulty understanding who you were talking to.

To do this on iOS , simply enter the Contact Information by clicking on the person’s name / number (at the top of the chat screen) and find the “ Contact Information” item from which you can easily edit the details.

On Android , on the other hand, the procedure is a little longer: enter the chat and click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner; this will open an interactive menu, in which you will see the option “Show contact “, which must be clicked. On the new screen that opens, you will find three more dots at the top. Clicking on this button opens another menu through which you can change the name of the contact. Please note that this may vary depending on the type of Android launcher installed (for example Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei with different user interface).

How To Hide A WhatsApp Contact
How To Hide A WhatsApp Contact

It goes without saying that the best camouflage is not initials (G.K. for Julius Caesar, to be precise). So if you want to intervene at this level, the smartest thing to do is to use names that are reliable and easy for you to associate with a specific person. Put some imagination into it: for example, “Lorenzo Renzetti” could become “Renzo”.


At the same time or independently of the previous hypothesis, there is a problem of hiding a chat with a contact that contains messages and multimedia files (photos, videos, voice notes, etc.).

How do you hide a WhatsApp contact and the thread associated with it without deleting it ? The solution here is much simpler than you think. Yes, because you just need to archive it , that is, make it temporarily invisible on the main WhatsApp screen.

On iOS, you have to open WhatsApp and swipe from right to left on the conversation in the active chat list. Then click the Archive button .

On Android , however, you have to press and hold your finger on the chat view (in the active WhatsApp chat list) and wait for it to be selected . Then you need to click on the usual three dots (top right). Finally, you need to select the “Archive” option.

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If you need more information related to this procedure, I suggest you read the guide in which I explain how to store WhatsApp conversations. You will find deeper passages.

If you are wondering how you can retrieve chats stored after that, you should know that it is very simple. First of all, be aware that archived chats are hidden only from the directory, but always remain on the phone. Then, you can find them immediately using WhatsApp’s internal search function (this applies to both iOS and Android). They are also available through the Archived Chats link , which appears at the bottom of active chats on Android or at the top of iOS (the latter, however, is hidden).

I would remind you, however, that it would also be better to temporarily block the contact to prevent them from sending messages and thus automatically restore the chat at inconvenient moments. For more details, read How to Hide WhatsApp Conversations.


As an alternative to the first method I suggested (changing the name of a contact), you can use the Address Book app to edit or have the WhatsApp contact disappear completely when you save its registration.

On iOS or Android, you can, for example, set up a group of contacts in the address book . You can call it, say, “hidden contacts “. After that, you must link a WhatsApp contact to hide with this group. When you do, just show the unassigned contacts instead of all to make the WhatsApp contact disappear from your address book.

If you are using an iPhone , you can also use the Nickname feature . I want to point out right away that this method does not work in many cases, possibly due to errors in synchronizing phonebook files. I put it in so you know about this opportunity, but don’t overdo it.

Anyway, to try this option, go to iOS Settings and find Contacts ; from there go to Short Name Setting and make sure the Preferred Nickname checkbox is checked . At this point, you can access the contact form in the address book and edit it by filling in the ” Nickname” section . After that, according to the iOS specifications (which, as I said, are often ignored), the address book and all applications associated with it, so also WhatsApp, should only show the contact’s nickname.


To hide a WhatsApp contact from your address book, you can also use free apps that provide  class=””>private encrypted storage . It is a virtual space that allows you to keep files, passwords, confidential documents and contacts secret. As an example, you can try:

You can cleverly hide contacts from your address book.


I don’t recommend deleting a contact from your address book just to hide it in WhatsApp. While this can be a clever method of making a person unrecognizable when a notification appears (unless the person spying on you knows the person’s number by heart), it is inconvenient.

To achieve the same effect, you must save a phone number in the phone book, only a number and a name . An operation that does not make sense unless you are using the extended phonebook features that require a stored number.


If you are using Android , the best way to hide a WhatsApp contact is to use GBWhatsApp This is a fork of WhatsApp, which is a modified version made by third party developersFirst of all, let me remind you that by doing this, you could go against the WhatsApp ban .

GBWhatsApp, however, offers enhanced functionality over the classic app. This includes the ability to make WhatsApp contacts and chats invisible without using an archive.

To use this option, first install GBWhatsApp (remember that you need to save and restore WhatsApp chats to avoid losing them). After that, find the interlocutor in the active chat list , which will be kept secret. At this point, select it by pressing and holding your finger. So, tap three dots and select the “Hide  option .

For security purposes, you will be asked to set a (Android Pattern Lock) sign . Configure this authentication method. After that, you will notice that GBWhatsApp has moved the chat to a hidden section , accessible only through settings and in encrypted mode (by sign).

To restore it , just tap «WhatsApp » at the top of active chats, draw a mark to authenticate, select a chat , tap the three dots , and finally select «the Mark’s visible as with the chat » ( Mark chat as visible ).


If, despite my past tips for removing viruses from iPhone, you still decide to jailbreak , you can use third-party settings to hide the WhatsApp contact. This tweak is called Nophami and is available up to iOS 12.1 (at the time of this writing) and can be installed via a specific Cydia repository (just a quick web search).

Precisely, Nophami mimics the behavior of WhatsApp and allows you to hide chats with a gesture that appears to be identical to the Archive option in the official app. Its functioning is essentially similar to the archiving function, with the (big) difference that the chat disappears automatically even when a notification is received .

On the other hand, as with archiving, the conversation will , however, remain visible in the search functions.

How to hide WhatsApp contact name in notifications.

The last step I recommend is to hide the WhatsApp contact’s name in notifications when the screen is locked. Thus, you can prevent people from peeping into the phone in standby mode and find the name of the person who is texting you.

For this, in addition to the methods described in the previous paragraphs, a more specific method can be used. On iOS, you can access Whatsapp ‘s Internal Settings , go to Notifications and turn off the Preview feature .

However, as you will notice, the effect of disabling message preview on iOS is only to hide the message text, not the sender’s name . Unfortunately, this behavior cannot be changed in any way, even by interfering with system notifications (in any case, in fact, you will at least see the contact’s name).

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The only solution for iPhone is to mute the WhatsApp chat associated with that contact , thereby completely disabling WhatsApp notifications for that conversation.

On Android , however, you cannot control the preview directly from the WhatsApp app. However, you can use System Preferences . Enter them and follow the instructions (variable depends on the installed launcher). Then select WhatsApp and enable Hide Content Notifications .

From now on, in all notifications that you receive in standby mode, only “WhatsApp  and the number of chat messages with new messages will be displayed .


With the advice I have given you, you should be able to adequately protect the privacy of yourself and the people with whom you communicate. However, use WhatsApp responsibly and remember that protecting your data is primarily up to you.


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