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How to hide WhatsApp messages


In the age of the Internet, when everything is connected and we are used to expressing all kinds of thoughts in public, fortunately there are those who still care about their privacy. Entering other people’s lives is not a right, but a privilege that should be exercised, in most cases, on tiptoe. This is even more true when it comes to people close to us, who are often too curious, tend to pry and want to know everything we do with our smartphone. In this regard, it may be particularly effective to hide WhatsApp messages .

The instant messaging application, which is currently owned by Facebook, is one of the most widely used media in the world. Often, however, this platform is viewed too superficially. If you do not choose to take preventive security measures, in fact, anyone who picks up your Android or iOS smartphone may be able to read your private conversations or important messages contained in it. In this regard, in the next lesson, I decided to talk to you about how to make invisible messages that are exchanged in WhatsApp chats. It’s really easy to do, but it can significantly improve your privacy. So let’s see what to do next.

How to hide WhatsApp messages

As you probably already know, protecting your own digital information is quite a challenge nowadays. However, more and more users are trying to protect themselves from potential threats. Whether you want it or not, most of your personal data inside your smartphone ends up in the databases of large companies. And while they do their best to ensure safety, there is always a need to take certain actions on their own to stay protected.

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Most of the attacks on privacy, however, come from people who are very close to their own circles . No hacker, then, but only (or at least at best) exaggerated curiosity towards your personal realm.

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Because of this, it may be especially helpful for you to know how to make WhatsApp messages invisible. Now, I’m going to lead you straight to discovering some simple security methods that will help you keep your messages safe.

What’s the point of making WhatsApp messages invisible?

If your goal is to make WhatsApp messages invisible, I’m sure you already have good reason. In any case, even for users who accidentally land on this guide, it is useful to do a little in-depth analysis. What we all too often forget, in fact, is that every smartphone, be it Android or iOS, by default, makes the notifications that appear on the locked screen clearly visible .

This means that even if you use a particularly secure unlocking method, whoever picks up your smartphone can read the last messages you received, including the sender. Okay, most of the time there is nothing wrong with that, because after all, what are we supposed to hide? However, privacy is a right that should be exercised in any case, so as not to “screw up” on the day when the message you read will be especially important or dense with personal information.

How to hide WhatsApp messages
How to hide WhatsApp messages

If you are interested in figuring out how to fix this “little loophole” and other procedures to blur chat text, I suggest you stay with my company. At the end of this guide, you will be a ninja.

When the screen is locked

The easiest way to hide WhatsApp messages is to dim them when the screen lock is active . What can happen to a device protected by an unlock code? In fact, as I said before, this does not eliminate the possibility that your WhatsApp messages will be read by strangers.

So let’s see what to do with both iPhones and Android smartphones to prevent this from happening.


On iPhone and later on iOS, the message preview function allows you to read notifications even when the screen lock is activated. While this can be very convenient, it carries the risk of your messages being seen by prying eyes.

To turn off message previews, open Settings on your iOS smartphone and tap Notifications . Here find the ” Show preview” section and select the “When unlocked” option there.

This way, you will only block the preview of WhatsApp messages, leaving notifications active for other apps like Facebook or Twitter.


Moreover, you can also hide text in WhatsApp notifications on Android . To do this, as with iOS, we’ll rely on System Preferences . Then unlock your smartphone and open Settings . Here you will need to look for Applications , or something similar, depending on the model you have and the booster installed. Now, among the various apps available, look for WhatsApp , which is usually at the bottom of the list (if it’s in alphabetical order).

Now press the Notifications button on the display and select View on lock screen . From this menu, you can decide whether to hide the content while browsing, or not show the notification at all.

Text of sent messages

Outgoing messages , unlike incoming messages , are not displayed on the lock screen. This does not mean that some “snoopers” do not try to read them anyway. The first step in this case is to use a password to unlock the screen . Chances are, you are already using this advice. But since I’m here, I would like to offer an in-depth discussion in which I will explain how to set a password on WhatsApp and go deeper into this topic.

Another really fun way to hide what you’re sending is by using an app that further encrypts outgoing messages , adding an extra layer of security to your conversations. Thus, you can make the text of messages unreadable even for those who enter the conversation. In fact, only those who know the decryption key will be able to unlock the text.

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I have told you very well in the past. Ensifer is one of the best online tools for this purpose. If you have an Android smartphone, then you can also use a free application called Crypto , which contains several computer security tools and makes it even easier to approach this type of tool. You can find it at this address in the Google Play Store .

Messages from the group

Likewise, you may need to hide messages from WhatsApp group . Whether you want to keep your privacy or not receive hundreds of notifications every day, this is one of the most frequent requests I receive.

In this case, the path is even easier to follow. On Android or iOS, all you have to do is mute the group conversation . First, go inside the conversation and click on the top bar, the one with the group name and photo. Here click on the button next to Disable notifications and select the time period during which you want to delete them.

Always remember that if you use apps that clone conversations so they don’t show you read them, they will stop working . Therefore, try to carefully consider whether the benefits of deactivating notifications outweigh the negative consequences this practice might have in your case.

Read messages

Another common user need is to hide from WhatsApp messages that still need to be read . This means that no trace is left while watching the chat, which usually results in the infamous blue spikes.

I’ll tell you right now that the easiest method available to you in this case is to turn off WhatsApp read confirmation . This way, none of your contacts will know if and when you read their messages. The downside is that even you won’t be able to see the blue checkmark anymore. In addition, you will look “suspicious” in the eyes of your contacts.

In this case, I advise you to rely on some third-party apps that allow you to copy incoming messages so that you can read them without the knowledge of the other contact. On Android , for example, one could use Unseen , the best app for this purpose. On the iOS side , you’ll have to rely on a little trick with Siri’s voice assistant . If you would like to learn more about these procedures, read the guide where I explain how to be invisible on WhatsApp.

Sender name of WhatsApp messages

In addition to the text of the conversation, you can hide the sender of WhatsApp messages . This solution is really effective against those who want to spy on other people’s smartphones, and it is also easy to apply.

On Android , all you have to do is follow the instructions I have already given you. Then open Settings and go to the App Notifications panel . Here in the WhatsApp section , just enable the Hide content notifications option .

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On the other hand, on the iPhone, the operation is just as easy. Obviously, even if you turn off message preview, the sender’s name will remain visible. Actually, it’s very easy to make it disappear along with the content. Just open WhatsApp , follow the path to Settings> Notifications and disable the Show preview” option.

Thus, when the screen is locked, new notifications will say “WhatsApp <number> notifications”. To view the details, you need to know the PIN or password to lock the screen. Therefore, there is no need to turn off notifications.

All WhatsApp messages

Of course, you already know that the most effective way to hide all WhatsApp messages is to delete them permanentlyBut you can’t always do it, because it might make someone suspicious, right?

What if you want the chat to disappear and you can open it again later? In this case, you can decide to archive your WhatsApp messages . This option allows you to leave conversations aside so that they no longer appear on the main screen of the application. Yes, that’s right, the selected chats will be moved to a hidden section inside the application.

Whenever you want, you can always put the conversation “in place”. Be careful: chats are automatically restored under certain circumstances. If you want to explore the topic in more detail, you can read the tutorial on How to Hide WhatsApp Conversations where you will find all the applicable methods.

Risks and Limitations

Everything I have explained to you in this tutorial on how to hide WhatsApp messages will save you from curiosity, but it will not completely save you from malware.

If a hacker manages to gain remote access to your device, for example, with the help of malware, he can control everything you do without noticing it. Yes, including WhatsApp messages, no problem (and it doesn’t matter if they are completely encrypted).

As a first countermeasure, I recommend unblocking WhatsApp with face or fingerprint, now available on both Android and IOS. Also, if you want to know about the methods used by attackers to try to spy on your chats, you can take a look at WhatsApp spyware, which I have already detailed for you.


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