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How To Make Animated Wallpapers On PC And Android


The desktop wallpaper says a lot about the owner of the device. You will not find anything on them: photographs of loved ones, pets, landscapes and moments of travel, and even pictures of your favorite artists. But not only – now you can use moving images on the wallpaper . Here we will show you how to set animated wallpaper on your Windows computer desktop and Android mobile device screen.

How To Make Animated Wallpapers On PC And Android

It should be borne in mind that dynamic wallpapers consume more energy and resources than static images . There are two kinds of animated images: still photos and videos.

Several programs can be used to create animated backgrounds. Usually, these are paid applications; however, they are not very expensive. Here we will introduce Push Video Wallpaper and Wallpaper Engine programs .

Push Video Wallpaper

The Push Video Wallpaper tool is available in two versions: a free version (with which you will get a watermarked wallpaper ) and a full version, which costs 7.46 € (without watermarks). This program can be downloaded from this link . After downloading, launch the application and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.

How To Make Animated Wallpapers On PC And Android
How To Make Animated Wallpapers On PC And Android

When the installation is complete, you will see several options for animated wallpapers that will be shown on the desktop of your device. Wallpaper created with Push Video Wallpaper automatically resizes </bold> to fit your screen, but it is important to display it at the correct size and resolution for optimal display quality .

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You can leave one variant of the animated wallpaper or make it so that several variants replace each other at certain intervals (in order or randomly).

Push Video Wallpaper allows you to use different types of animated backgrounds: video files, GIF files, and YouTube videos (including live streams). To add a clip, click the + sign (if it’s a file on your computer), or Add URL if it’s an Internet video.


The program allows you to add and remove background options, increase or decrease video volume, change the brightness and transparency of desktop icons, and switch from one background to another or stop playback.

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In Push Video Wallpaper, you can choose a ready-made background from the library of animated wallpapers. To do this, click on three dots – you will be offered various options. You can also look for more original options on other sites, such as, for example, Videezy , Wallhaven , HD Wall Papers , Unsplash , etc.

Wallpaper Engine

The Wallpaper Engine from Steam studio costs only 3.99 € and allows you to add animated backgrounds to your Windows desktop, similar to Push Video Wallpaper. This app supports various types of wallpapers from local websites and 2D and 3D videos. Since this service is owned by Steam, you will have over 100,000 variations created by members of the community of this studio.

Wallpaper Engine can be downloaded from this link . After installing the program, click Change wallpaper and navigate to Open from file (if you want to use your own video) or Open from URL (in case you like videos from the Internet).

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Select the video you want and click Apply – and your new dynamic wallpaper will appear on your desktop.

In order for Wallpaper Engine to start automatically when you boot your PC, you need to go to Settings , then select General and check the Run with Windows box Confirm your choice by clicking on the Apply option .

How to create animated wallpapers for Android

The animated screen background can also be set on an Android mobile phone. There are several apps for this too, like the paid adobe Spark Post app . But we’ll tell you about the free PhotoPhase app , which allows you to customize a variety of background settings using filters, effects, changing the position of the image on the screen, and more.

The app can be found on the official Google Play store here . After installation, you will have access to various options for animated wallpapers. Choose a wallpaper and set it on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

There are many animated wallpaper sites on the Internet for mobile devices . We can recommend Minima , Munzei (with famous art) and Pixel 4D , which has a large selection of 3D animated wallpapers.

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