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How To Make Money As A Corper In Nigeria


As you already know, Nigeria is not an easy country to live in, especially for the many young and vibrant youths. If you’re not aware, the present allowance for NYSC corp members is best described as peanut, and it is definitely not an amount to rely on for your daily livelihood. For corpers who share this view, it is best to look for other means to income to stay alive.

As you already know, success is very deliberate, and only those who take the right steps to be successful can make their dreams come true. Not to worry, since you found this article, you are clearly ready to succeed in the new year, and we’ll do our best to help. See How To Make Money As A Corper In Nigeria:

Make Money Corper Nigeria

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How Can I Make Money As A Corper In Nigeria?

Let’s show you a few reasonable ways to make money as a corper in Nigeria in your chosen state and PPA:

1. Start A Blog:

Blogging has changed lives, and if it’s your own blog, it surely gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. Most people feel starting a blog is complicated, it really isn’t, as long as you are directed properly. Just do your proper research on how to be a blog owner, and you can start making cool cash via affiliate marketing, selling informational products e.t.c.

2. Start A Mini Importation Business:

In Nigeria, mini importation can be a decent way to make some eye-catching money. The business is mainly about importing cheap products from China or other countries like the US, Turkey, and reselling them at a higher price in Nigeria. Once you start, you just have to use Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp to promote your products, and your money will start rolling in.

3. Start A Popcorn Business:

You’re shocked that this made the list? Well, popcorn business has proven to be a very lucrative means of livelihood in Nigeria for years now. And because it is very simple to set up, and the market for it is quite large, more citizens are jumping on it. As you already know, most Nigerians eat popcorn, including your fellow corps members, so a favourable income is guaranteed. To make things super easy for you, the raw materials needed can be accessed seamlessly anywhere in the country, therefore your PPA cannot be an obstacle for setting this up.

4. Conduct Private Lessons:

This one is very common among corpers, and almost everyone takes advantage of this. Doing this, you can earn a decent amount aside your federal allowance. Just reach out to the outgoing corps members, and ask them to recommend reliable parents you can work for. Some grateful parents even go as far as feeding you if your job is amazing.

5. Do Handy Works:

If you are very blessed with certain skills, money can be made with them as well. Youth corpers who know how to install DStv, GOtv, and flat-screen TVs can render this service to anyone that needs it for a decent price. It could also be plumbing, fashion designing, washing, in summary, any skill you are comfortable with can be a good source of income.

Make Money Corper Nigeria
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