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How To Play The Druid Class In Dungeons & Dragons 5E


If you are really in touch with nature and see yourself as an extension of nature itself, druid might be a good class for your character. Druids are capable of calling upon the four elements of nature and even transforming into animals in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5E).

This class values nature more than anything. They are always working to keep the balance between the four elements⏤air, earth, fire, and water⏤and between civilization and nature. They often protect sacred sites and hunt creatures they consider unnatural, such as zombies and vampires.

They are a versatile class since they have both healing and damage powers. It’s considered a hard call to play since it won’t have an all-powerful attack and they can’t use metal armor like other classes. But they can have a healer or a supporter role while still dealing a bit of damage, or even be sneaky by transforming into a rat.

Druids can be very useful to a party because of their ability to transform into animals, adding to their versatility. Need to cross a river? You can transform into a fish big enough to transport the party if you are leveled enough, for example.

We already explained how to create a character in detail in our step-by-step guide, so now we’ll focus on the class’s best build and special features.


The objective of the background is to explain how your character got their skills and help you figure out what their ultimate goal in their journey is. In the druid’s case, it’s important to determine how or why your character is so involved with nature.

Maybe your character was raised by a druid after being abandoned in a forest or was simply born in a druid family. Perhaps they were born during a tremendous storm or a volcanic eruption, which was interpreted as a sign that becoming a druid was part of your character’s destiny.

Some druids idolize the forces of nature themselves, but most worship one of the many nature deities known in the Forgotten Realm. This worship is often considered a more ancient tradition than the faiths of clerics and urbanized peoples. The druidic faith is even called the Old Faith and is mostly sought by farmers, foresters, fishers, and others who live closely with nature.

They are often portrayed as loving and caring creatures, but they can be savage with animal-like behavior since they live isolated lives deep in the wild. They can care so much about nature that perhaps they abandoned their humanity and live to avenge their sacred land. It all depends on how you wish to play.

Druids are a spellcasting class, which means they are capable of using magic from the divine essence of nature. We already explained how the magic system works, but each class has its own spell list that you can check on the D&D Beyond website.

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