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How To Retrieve Lost BVN SIM Card in Nigeria (2022)




If you have a bank account in Nigeria, you’re probably familiar with the acronym BVN. The abbreviation BVN stands for Bank Verification Number.

Because you can no longer carry out some transactions without your BVN, it is almost as necessary as your account number.

Prior to the introduction of the Bank Verification Number, you might misplace your SIM card and it would have no effect on your transaction operations.

Nevertheless, events have changed over the course of technological advancements, and you can no longer function without your BVN.

You should also be aware that giving away Bank Verification Numbers without proper referencing and paperwork is difficult for banks. Some firms may ask you to undergo verification prior to actually granting you with a BVN.

When you get to the bank, explain your situation to them and expect a response. Remember to bring your National ID card and at least two passports, as these will be required at the bank.


The use of Internet banking is on the rise. The interesting news here is that you can get back your BVN through the internet banking system. How can it be done?

You must first enroll for your bank’s internet banking service by dialing *556# on USSD before you could even retrieve your BVN without a phone number through Internet Banking.

Log in using your username and password to your bank’s internet banking page. Your bank verification number is found on the top of the menu, relying on your bank navigation and menu configurations.

If you need to retrieve your bank verification number, simply log into your internet banking account and look for it.

Although this technique of BVN retrieval is free, you may require data to connect to the internet.

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If your phone number is gone, using a mobile app is one reliable way to retrieve your BVN.

To achieve a successful outcome, simply download the bank’s mobile app and complete the registration process. While some mobile banking apps demand a bank verification number to register, others do not.

You will be issued a password and a unique login ID throughout the registration procedure.

Sign in with your mobile banking credentials once you’ve finished the signup process.

Examine the app closely; the bank verification number may be written on the app’s surface.

To get your BVN for various mobile apps, go to account settings and BVN.


Another option for retrieving your Bank Verification Number is to use the USSD code. To get your BVN, all you have to do is dial *565*0# on your phone.

A service fee of ₦20 will be levied whenever you dial the code via USSD.

Kindly be informed that the cellphone number you enter must be the same as the one you used to register for your BVN.


The processes for changing a BVN phone number are outlined below.

  1. Obtain an Affidavit — Before heading to your bank to receive a new BVN phone number, make sure you have a sworn affidavit with you because the bank will always ask for it. Make certain that your affidavit is accompanied by a sworn statement.
  2. Means of Identification — National identification cards, voter identification cards, birth certificates, declarations of age, international passports, and driving licenses will be required.
  3. Visit a bank — After you’ve received these documents, go to your bank and request a change of BVN phone number. Keep in mind that your Alert Number may not be the same as your BVN number. You have the option of using the same or alternative phone numbers.
  4. Verify the validity of your BVN — You will be asked to authenticate your BVN at the Bank, and your biometrics will be captured on the system throughout this process.

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All done! Wait 24 hours after everything has gone according to plan to receive notification that your BVN has been successfully linked to your new account.


Simply dial *565*0# on your new phone number to see if your phone number has been appropriately connected to your BVN.

You can do the identical way if you recently updated your BVN phone number. If it displays your BVN number, it means the actual phone number you were using to make that request is now your BVN phone number.


Finally, if you’ve misplaced your BVN SIM card, I hope this post has given you some helpful hints on how to get it back. We also supplied instructions on how to look for your BVN on the internet. Please let us know if you have any difficulties retrieving your BVN in the comment section below. That’s where we will draw the curtain in this article.

Source: Nigerian Info Pedia

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