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How to Save Marriage After the Love is Gone and the Relationship Turns Sour – Some Things You Can Do


What can you do to save your marriage after the love is gone and the relationship turns sour? Well, first you must understand that every relationship has a cycle and your marriage is no different.

When your relationship began you and your spouse fell in love and you wanted their touch, time, and attention. At this stage of the relationship the love and passion is very high. Falling in love with your partner was easy because you didn’t have to do anything.

Falling in love was a spontaneous experience and it was very passive. However, as the years go by the love you two once shared begins to fade away.

There is nothing wrong with your relationship because this is a natural part of the cycle. All the touching, time, and attention you once wanted from your spouse is no longer a necessity.

At this stage of your relationship you notice the big difference between the beginning when you were madly in love and the much duller stage that follows. This is where the marriage begins to breakdown and you might start blaming your spouse for your unhappiness and you look outside your marriage for fulfillment.


Yes you can fall in love again with someone else but the better feelings you have will only be temporarily. This is because further down the road you will be dealing with the same situation again.

This is why it’s important to try and save your marriage after the love is gone and not jump ship. In order to save marriage after the love is gone you must learn how to sustain the love you have already found.

It is impossible to find a love that will last forever so you must make it last and get better each day. Sustaining the love you have for your partner is not passive and it will take time, effort, and energy.

Some of the things involved in sustaining the love in your marriage involve: keeping yourself in shape, complimenting your spouse, being unexpected and find ways to surprise your spouse, and of course communicating with your spouse intimately on a daily basis.

Learning how to save a marriage after the love is gone and the relationship turns sour takes time. If you focus more time on learning to love the person you found you will be better off.

Source by Karen Holston

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