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How To Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software


While I know telephone spying may sound like a negative term, to be honest, it isn’t always the case; in fact, there are times when you only need to follow the movements and messages of someone in order to obtain certain evidence.

For example Do you want to know where your child goes after school? Is he / she late every day and you have no way to find out? Or does your employee suddenly spend too much time outside the office? How to deal with situations like this if you are not spying on your cell phone?

If you are intrigued by this topic, then you better check out the next steps of this review to trace to know how you can intervene and how you can intervene to spy on a cell phone without having it with you. and you can get it.


What you need to do to spy on a cell phone without having it in hand is download the software, set up a connection with the same phone that you want to control, and that is all.

How To Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software
How To Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software

In this case, you will receive notifications about each subscriber’s call, each received message, as well as just completed connections. The best thing about this software is that you don’t need to have access to this phone to set up a connection.

Obviously, this is one of the best applications the market has to offer, and that lives up to the name mSpy is a software that is gaining popularity every day.


So if you ask yourself a question, is it possible. spy on a cell phone without having it with you. This is probably the perfect answer. Appendix MSPY, in fact, working on your computer. or any Android device on the phone of the person you are monitoring.

Simply put, if someone calls from the target phone, the program on your computer will immediately alert you along with the duration and phone number information. If the phone is being used for taking photos or recording videos, you will also know about it.

Among other things, it’s important to note that you can follow the person wherever they go. from your cell phone and determine the exact location. using a GPS geolocator.


To spy on your phone without having it with you. from here it follows that mSpy must be installed remotely on both connected devices. Thus, regardless of the distance between the two phones, you can remotely monitor all the actions that take place on the target device.

To establish a connection, you need to follow these steps: The first step is when accessing your web browser from any device, visit the mS official website and log into your profile. The second step is to search for the “Add Device” option. located at the top.

On the latter, you need to click and go to the “Add phone” option Then select Android from the list under the Platform Selection heading. ““.

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At this point you can go to the third step, which is to next set up your Android device and then when the fourth asked you to connect your phone to the Internet then go to the next settings by clicking Security and choosing the menu item select the box next to Unknown Origin.

This allows the phone to download applications from the Internet. At the moment there are only two pieces left. The fifth, in fact, involves the following enter the Android address and download a file with the same name.

By following the above steps, you can install mSpy on your phone . The sixth and sixth final step is to launch mSpy over the phone. To do this, you must accept the terms and conditions and choose all the options that you like.

The system will then ask you to generate a registration number from the mSpy profile that you will enter into your phone. At this point , the mSpy app is configured and send you information about this new added device.

Now you can finally access and monitor most of what is happening on this phone. Termination of always-installed remotely installed applications that you deem inappropriate, especially when it comes to your child’s phone.



  • Monitor calls and 25 other features
  • Compatible with Android operating system
  • Accessible from any internet browser
  • Free online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week before and after


So if you are looking for an app that can spy on your phone without having it with you. then you can easily track it using the theme. an MSPI that is really very versatile, easy to install, and can offer you that power as well as make others available to you. 25 different characteristics are all to discover .


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