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How To Transfer Photos From iphone To PC


I know that once you have taken so many photos with your iphone, you would like to transfer them to your computer so that you can view them when you do. You also want to make sure that your most beautiful memories are saved on your computer as well.

That is why in today’s tutorial we see how to transfer photos from iphone to pc and it is best to uninstall all the tools that Apple offers. In particular, using the classic connection through the case with yitun or through iCloud to save photos without using a cable.

Take five minutes to read all the steps step by step to learn how to transfer photos from iphone to pc.


If you’ve never done this before, you’ll need to download and install iTunes. this program is Apple’s default software and allows you to install the necessary drivers to let the two operating systems communicate, this operation is necessary for two iphone devices and windows pc to see each other.


For this reason, the first thing to do is connect to the official website and download iTunes, download and open the installation. You will have to confirm the installation by clicking on it several times and checking if the installation is correct.

Now connect your iphone to the computer with a cable and the iTunes app will automatically open, after which you will be prompted to allow the connection on both the computer and the iOS device on which you need to click the Accept button .


If you want to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and you have iTunes installed on your computer, you just need to connect your iPhone to your computer and wait for the autoplay to appear, and from that select Import Pictures and Videos from PC.If nothing appears, go to to resource exploration and right-click on the iPhone icon, select Import Pictures and Videos.

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The import operation will offer a window with two options: viewing , organizing and grouping the imported items, or importing all new items at the moment . The first option is used to split the imported images into parts over a period of time, and the second to import all the photos into the same folder. After completing this selection, press the Start button and wait for the photo transfer to complete.


At the end of the photo, you will find them in the images folder in the iPhone subfolder and with the import date.


The easiest way is to transfer photos to a computer without connecting cables, and also use automatic backup if you use the iCloud service. This service is free up to 5 GB and allows you to save photos, videos, data and configurations, and also sync them across all Apple devices.

If iCloud is not activated to activate, go to Settings> iCloud> Photos from your iphone and activate the iCloud Photo Library option .

This way, all your photos will be automatically uploaded to iCloud. Photos can be transferred to a computer in two different ways.

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The easiest way is to download and install the official iCloud client on your Windows computer. After installation, log in with the AppleID and your photos in your iCloud space will be automatically uploaded to the Windows Images / iCloud Photos folder .

How To Transfer Photos From iphone To PC
How To Transfer Photos From iphone To PC

As mentioned above, the limit is 5 GB, but can be easily extended by subscribing to a data plan up to 5 TB.

To do this, just go to Settings and in the iCloud item you will see the currently occupied space, by clicking Edit storage plan , you can select and activate the plan with the required space.

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If you don’t want to download the client, but you have an icloud backup, you can connect to the website and sign in with your Apple ID.

Go to the Photos icon and you will find all your photos there, you can select them by pressing Ctrl + click and when you are done selecting you can click on the cloud icon to start uploading the selected photos.

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