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How To Turn Off Facebook Photo Notifications


Every time you light the notification button, you are motivated by curiosity to see who is interacting with you. Sometimes, however, the surprise is not the best. When it comes to apps and games, when for regular school alumni meetings, Facebook notifications are constantly being internalized with futility. For this reason, you may have wondered how to turn off Facebook photo shoot notifications .

While it’s always good to see good memories, if you had a fancy dinner, chances are you are warned about it too often. Well, if you want to continue disabling alerts related to a specific photo or all those posted by a contact, you are in the right place. Let’s see how to proceed.

How to turn off Facebook photo notifications


As I said before, deleting Facebook photo notifications doesn’t just mean someone can’t tag your profile . To do this, you need to change your privacy settings.

However, in many cases it is necessary to turn off notifications associated with a specific album that has been published, perhaps because you are receiving so many notifications that you want to turn them off. Well, if so, all you have to do is continue reading this guide where you will find all the readings of the case.

Disable Facebook photo shoot notifications

The first thing you need to do to protect your privacy from people who want to view your activity log is to turn off Facebook notifications for the photos in question.

From your smartphone or PC, you can connect via an app or social networking site. After that, select the notification symbol (bell icon) and search for the one you want to remove.

How To Turn Off Facebook Photo Notifications
How To Turn Off Facebook Photo Notifications

When you find it, select the three dots that appear next to it and select the option Turn off notifications on this post. Thus, even if comments or “likes” have been added to this post, you will not receive any notification of this.

Remove Facebook photo notifications


To make notifications invisible for some of the Facebook photos or images you have been tagged on after deactivating message notifications, the first thing you need to do is access the Activity Log from your computer. Do not use the app to do this (although you can do this, you will see messages faster from your PC).

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On the website, follow the link to the message board and click on the Activity log option ( appears in the upper right corner). This will display all your Facebook activity . Now find all actions related to the photo you want to delete (help with search filters).

Now, next to each action, click on the pencil symbol that appears next to it and select Delete .

Now open the Facebook Notifications section and see if there are any notifications left there. If you find relevant notifications, select the three dots next to them and select the Delete this notification option .

Don’t show up on Facebook photos.


If you no longer want to be tagged on social media , maybe because you know you can see someone else’s Facebook photos posted anonymously, you have to take an extra step.

The first thing you need to do is go to Facebook Settings and select the Diary and Add Tags option. In this section, in the “Checking” section , ask the question “ Would you like to check the posts in which you have flagged your post before it appears in your diary? to “Yes” . Then ask the question “Want to test the tags people add to your posts before the tags are displayed on Facebook? “- ” Yes

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Also, in the same section, go to Tag and ask “Who can see the posts where you were tagged in the diary? click the “User” button and put only those names that you want to tag with your posts.

Thus, from now on, Facebook posts containing tags will be limited and controlled according to your security and browsing preferences.


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