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How To Unlock Mercenaries Mode In Resident Evil Village


Unfortunately, despite earlier plans, Resident Evil Village was unable to release with a built-in multiplayer offering.

RE: Verse, a complimentary extra that was supposed to be bundled at no additional cost with every copy of the game, will now be here in the summer instead. Which is a shame, to be sure, but even if you’ve already completed Ethan Winters’ latest nightmare and explored all that Village has to offer in its story, there’s still some fun to be had.

Yes, Mercenaries Mode is included in the game and though many will have surely already taken it for a spin, if you’ve yet to do so, we’ve put together a handy little guide for how to unlock it. Not that it’s particularly difficult, mind you, but no doubt some might have totally missed it.


For those unfamiliar, the mode first debuted in Resident Evil 4 and “pits players against timed waves of incoming enemies.” It’s now returned in Village, but as you may’ve noticed, there’s a bit of a twist to it.

To unlock it, you’ll need to first complete the main story. Once you’ve done that, the Extra Content Shop should give you access to Mercenaries Mode and after you’ve purchased it using points earned from the campaign, you can access it from the Bonuses menu. As Windows Central lays it out:

As for that aforementioned spin? Well, as ScreenRant explains:

Of course, the mode itself will require a lot of strategy and hard work if you want to get those elusive A ranks, but as players continue to acquaint themselves with Resident Evil Village, no doubt tons of tips and tricks will begin to surface online. For now, though, feel free to give Mercenaries Mode a spin for yourself and see if you have what it takes to make your way through it.

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