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How to Write Online Dating Profiles: 12 Quick Tips


Writing the online dating profile is one of the most important steps to successful online matchmaking. It can also be the most intimidating. Here are twelve quick tips to help you write a profile that gets noticed.

1. Writing a good online dating profile utilizes many of the same skills as writing in general. To avoid becoming intimidated by the process, write like you speak. Pretend you are writing to your best friend. Then simply begin writing as quickly as you can, without taking the time to read anything over or cross anything out. Once you have filled a page or two, go back and see what kinds of sentences and phrases you would like to keep and then do the same process again. This is a great way to help your personality shine through your words.

2. Be honest about yourself and the type of situation you are looking for. Instead of thinking about what the other person may be looking for, think about the kinds of traits you bring to the table. Be sincere, open, and honest while keeping your best face forward.

3. Let people know your intentions right away. Are you looking for a soulmate, a friend, or just a little spice?

4. Studies show that a profile will receive a better response (sometimes by 3 to 10 times) if you include a photo, so make sure not to skip this step.

5. Check to see if the online dating service has published guidelines or tips for their specific profile arrangement. For example, some experts say that an ideal profile has 250 words, with 150 words about yourself and another 100 words depicting the kind of person you are seeking. Of course, these guidelines are going to vary by the service you have selected.

6. Talk about your social life, your family, and your pets. Do you have a close relationship with your extended family? If you do, make sure to mention it. Let people know what is most important to you. What do you value most in your life?


7. Be as positive as possible. The online dating profile is not a place for negativity. If something you wish to mention is not positive, try looking for the positive aspects of the situation and emphasize those.

8. Use more nouns and stories than generic adjectives. Instead of telling about yourself through long narratives, demonstrate the traits via details and stories. For example, instead of saying that you are witty, include witty anecdotes in your profile. Likewise, your profile should not read like a resume. Strive for a casual tone, and mix in plenty of facts and specifics.

9. People are intrigued by details. What are your favorite songs? What is your favorite form of art? What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night when you are all by yourself? What is your favorite thing to do on a date?

10. When you are describing what you are looking for in a partner, make sure not to limit yourself unnecessarily. You may have an exact vision of what this person looks like and does for a living, but any specific traits you mention may limit the potential of your profile.

11. Before you submit your profile, read it out loud. This is a simple way to catch any grammar errors. Then use spell check. Finally, paste all of your profile data into a text only file so you can efficiently copy and paste the profile into various communities or forums.

12. Keep records. Start a log (either a computer file or a paper journal) and make note of the people that you have met and enjoyed visiting with during your online dating experience. This can help you remember to update your profile when necessary, as well.

Source by Jamie Jefferson

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