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I am dying to meet Rihanna – Brownie


By Sylvester Kwentua


Camsiyochukwu Uche, who wishes to be known as Brownie, an upcoming artist, surely dreams of doing music that will take him to the top! He has lofty dreams of impacting people with his music and in the long run, hopes to meet American music star, Rihanna.

Brownie made his dreams known in a chat with Showtime Bonus. Speaking on his journey into music, Brownie said, “When I was young, I started knowing myself, and it all started from the church. When I was 12 years old, I used to do special numbers in the church and anything music. When I reached the age of 14, I started playing keyboard, going deep and going versatile.


I started going to live band shows and all that. I started becoming versatile because you need to know how to play all types of music. But then, I have to channel myself to where I want my own kind of style to be. Hip-hop has been my passion all through. I have been playing hip-hop and I listened to music that inspired me the more. Although, I was into high-life and all that, but I knew where my fruit was and what I wanted for myself. So, I started doing music via Hip-hop. I had my first track at the age of 17 years only and the turn up was not impressive but I was pushed. That actually motivated me the more because I was close to where I wanted to be; so I started going to local shows, bars and where people are holding a party.

That was like a little beginning to me. Before you knew it, I started doing songs; I started producing songs; producing for me and producing for others. I loved what I was doing. I was doing more songs and more songs.”

Brownie, who wishes to encourage people to pursue their dreams with his music, has some projects he is working on at the moment. Talking about what he is up to at the moment, brownie said “I am working on ‘Gbana’. Gbana is a hit jam coming through and I have tried to maintain. That is the song we are working on; although we are also working on other songs. However, Gbana is the song you guys should be expecting sooner, with the video also following it.”

Brownie is signed unto Ramour Chillings record label, a relatively new record label and dreams of impacting the world with his type of music. The upcoming artist who claims to sing Afro hip-Hop, mentioned Burna-Boy and Wizkid as the Nigerian artists he looks up to, while mentioning Rihanna as the international artist he looks up to.

And for those who may want to know if he is in a relationship or not, Brownie has this to tell them. “There is no girl in my life right now. Right now, my priority is not a relationship. I had girlfriends in the past but right now, I want to be focused on doing songs. I am single and not into a relationship and won’t want to be for now. Let me drop my first song first and then we can revisit the matter.”


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