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IEEE Spectrum – Create New Account & Log in IEEE Spectrum Online Website



IEEE Spectrum is a science and technology magazine which contains articles that are related to its various fields’ research. IEEE, an acronym for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is the globe’s largest technical body. It focuses on technology advancement for the benefit of humanity.

Contents are being evaluated by members and different field specialists in order to analyze if they are suitable for publication. Trending details published cover electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, biology, physics, and mathematics.

IEEE Spectrum - Create New Account & Log in IEEE Spectrum Online Website

All these and additional contents are put in place and can be accessed by all scientific and non-scientific personnel visiting its web portal. IEEE defines its IEEE Spectrum as “the flagship magazine and website of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization devoted to engineering and the applied sciences”. It states that its code is to keep over 400,000 members informed about major trends and developments in technology, engineering, and science.

Its blogs, podcasts, news updates and features, videos and infographics clearly explain emerging concepts and growths in details. With its over 380,000 engineers across the globe and great work flow, IEEE Spectrum has gained popularity among its counterpart magazines.

Is IEEE Spectrum Legit

Knowing the IEEE Spectrum as a flagship magazine online website and world largest professional organization. In which they based into engineering, technology and applied sciences. However, you can get podcast, news, features stories, videos and interactive infographics with full information by accessing their blog website. Therefore, finding it difficult to believe them to be legit get more information from their blog site.  

IEEE Spectrum Online

IEEE presents an official portal which incorporates all its various websites. These websites can be switched consecutively and each creates an IEEE account sign up. This enables a person to become a member of the technical organization and access a whole wide range of the services it offers. However, my article will focus on IEEE Spectrum online, that amazing tech magazine web portal.

IEEE Spectrum Online simply implies a digital magazine. This comprises of science and technology development reviews and reports on limitless engineering topics and other key options. It can be accessed on any device’s web browser anywhere at users’ convenience.

IEEE Spectrum Online | Interface

Designed on its sleek and easy to use interface are numerous context menus which allow users to access IEEE diverse publications. The menus are hierarchically organized to enhance users’ easy navigation. Available menus are as listed in the following.

  • Engineering Topics.
  • Special Reports.
  • Blogs.
  • Multimedia.
  • The Magazine.
  • Professional Resources.
  • Search.

A click on a down arrow icon on each context menu shows its sub menus and some related topic updates. Visitors and members have open access to a technical lit blog, featuring news, articles, multimedia content and lots more. Some number of topics is reviewed on its homepage, each signifying the topic field and the date featured. Its quick search engine enables users to filter search results by entering a key word. Some suggested popular search words are also available with which users can selectively search for topics.

Irrespective of membership, a user can also subscribe to IEEE Spectrum Newsletters to get technology and science trends by preferably selecting option(s) on which he or she wants to be updated. IEEE Spectrum offers an open access article submission to all willing users and corporations.

IEEE Spectrum Online presents a linked webinar portal, one which it tags as Tech Insider’s Webinars. This is a social platform where users can interact, ask questions and get immersive solutions from top specialists. Its reader services provide some links that can be used to resolve print and/or digital editions issues.

 IEEE Spectrum Online | IEEE Membership

Although IEEE Spectrum online provides its featured contents to be accessible to all visitors, there is a need to sign up for a membership. Visitors can click and read latest technology trends, technical pieces of literature, industry news, and events and can also navigate between service options. Membership process creates an entry to other basic features and premium offers embedded in the technology online magazine.

Sign up to get 12 issues of IEEE Spectrum in print or digital edition, exclusive and discounted prices on insurance and its products and services. It creates a network chain of professional and experts that can help build members’ careers. However, IEEE membership options require a set of subscription and are available at a significant discount. Membership’s offers are given at a great bargain. Members can update or change subscription preferences.

IEEE Membership Sign Up

Account creation on the IEEE web portal holds much reward than any member can ask of. Members are liable to advance their professional development. They are open to opportunities for involvement, job offers inclusive and lots more than I can mention. For a membership application, the steps below will guide a user when creating an account on IEEE Spectrum Online portal.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the Url on the address search bar.
  2. Click on Join IEEE option on the left side corner section on the page.

This redirects you to and gives two-way sign-up options. You could either join IEEE as a professional or as a student. Whichever option is chosen, you proceed by clicking Create Account.

  1. Enter the required data details. Wait for email account validation which is done in few seconds.
  2. Tap Create Account and Continue Joining.
  3. It directs you to your profile and asks that you set it up preferably.
  4. Select and fill in details in the membership application form.

IEEE Spectrum Online | IEEE Sign In

The moment you activate your account after creation by signing in on IEEE web portal, you are eligible to navigate through its various websites. It allows you to join a forum of over 425,000 technology and engineering professionals (a statistic stated on its portal). These people have come together to learn, interact, develop their skills and possibly innovate.

IEEE provides a wide range of services, resources, opportunities and networking that have proved positive in heightening technology advancements. There are whole lots more to discover on IEEE. My core part here is the IEEE Spectrum Online so I will give an insight on how a first-time user can sign in after she has created an account.

The entry steps listed above are followed when signing in on IEEE web portal. When a user gets to the account creation page, she signs in with her details rather than proceed with account creation. After the user is logged in, she then selects IEEE Spectrum option on the top section of the IEEE interface. This navigates her to the online technical magazine portal.

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