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Know how you can improve blood circulation in legs


Hyderabad: As blood not only carries oxygen but also transports nutrients to various parts of the body, it is necessary to improve its blood circulation. Sometime blood circulation in legs becomes poor due to various reasons.

However, it is necessary to improve it. It can be improved by performing massage for three minutes daily.

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Here are some helpful tips for improving blood circulation throughout your body.

1. Walking

Walking is a simple, low-impact exercise that can help you create a more active and healthy lifestyle and may promote weight loss. Walking at any pace is beneficial to increase blood flow throughout the body, as it is the best way to lower your blood pressure and increase muscle contraction in the legs.  As muscles contract and relax, they squeeze around the large veins in the legs, promoting healthy circulation in more stagnant areas of flow.

Additional benefits to walking and other forms of exercise include improving overall balance and uplifting your mood.

2. Stretching

Engaging in regular stretching has numerous benefits for your body. Stretching with proper technique may help promote blood circulation, which carries oxygen and nutrients to your organs and muscles that are necessary for proper function, movement, and flexibility.

3. Position Your Body

If you tend to cross your legs when you sit, you may be harming the circulation in your lower body. That common position cuts off circulation to the legs, making it more difficult for blood to get to your leg tissue to keep it healthy. Make a habit of sitting in a position that’s better for circulation.

Know how you can improve blood circulation in legs
Know how you can improve blood circulation in legs

Try out these sitting positions that help promote better vein circulation:

  • Sit with your legs spaced slightly apart and your feet on the floor. Remember to get up from time to time so you aren’t in this position for too long.
  • You can also slightly elevate your legs to help circulation. Put your feet up on a stool or Ottoman six to twelve inches above the ground.
  • While sleeping, prop your legs on a pillow to improve blood flow. This position is also healthy for your spine!

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4. Wear Compression Stockings

Compression stockings can improve your blood flow and reduce swelling and pain.

Compression is essential if you have a job that requires you to be either seated or standing for the entire day. Too much pressure on the legs or too little movement can negatively affect your overall health and circulation. Compression stockings mimic the internal action of walking by causing the muscles in your legs to continuously contract and relax, thereby stimulating blood flow.

5. Stop Smoking

If you want healthy blood vessels, then you definitely shouldn’t smoke. Smoking can cause your feet and ankles to swell, and blood clots are common for smokers. If you’re smoking, your heart is not working under the best conditions, and this may lead to damaged blood vessels and veins in your legs.

6. Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress can have negative side effects on your mental and physical health, including the body’s circulation. Find ways to relieve stress through exercise, listening to music, taking deep breaths, meditation or psychotherapy.

Source: Vein Clinics

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