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Instagram Hashtag: How To Use Hashtag On Instagram


Hashtag literally means a gate mark (# symbol). It is a very powerful tool that now integrates with most social networks and allows users to link different content, but they have a common theme. 

This feature is currently fundamental on Instagram, especially for those looking to grow their followers. You’ve probably also thought about how to put hashtags on Instagram. You may need to dig deeper into this issue in order to develop on a social network. Well, if so, I would say that you are very lucky to have come here.

In this guide, in fact, I will explain how to use them and where you can put hashtags on Instagram. I will provide you with detailed information about both the Instagram app for iOS or Android and the site. Are you ready? Well, then, I think we can start immediately.

How to put hashtags on Instagram…


Before I start with the tutorial, I want to make a premise: many platforms use hashtags internally and, like Instagram and Facebook, they allow you to share a message from one to another, for example from Instagram to Facebook. If there are hashtags in the original post , they are also activated on the target social network.

However, keep in mind that each social platform is separate from the others and hence the hashtag on Instagram will show you the content that this hashtag on Instagram includes. Instead, the same hashtag used on Facebook or even Twitter will only show posts with that hashtag that were posted on that particular social network. So Facebook will show you the posts from Facebook, and Twitter will show you the posts from Twitter.

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If you don’t know what hashtags are, how they work and who came up with them, then I refer you to my previous guide, in which I explain what hashtags are and how they work. In the next paragraphs of this guide, instead, I want to explain where and how to have hashtags on Instagram.

How to choose hashtags on Instagram


To choose a hashtag to use on Instagram , it is enough to evaluate two parameters: the popularity of the hashtag and the relevance of this hashtag with the image that you want to share in a post or in stories.

I will try to be brief. A hashtag is a shortcut, a kind of “tag” that identifies content. In the case of Instagram, the hashtag corresponds to a specific topic, which is associated with multiple posts shared by different public users. Obviously, a lot of content can be associated with the same hashtag. In addition, one content can have multiple hashtags.

To give a practical example, the hashtag #cookieswill define a specific message type, i.e. pictures of cookies. Whereas the # watermelonhashtag will identify posts with photos watermelons.

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Nobody forbids the use of a hashtag # watermelonin the description of a photo, where there are cookies and not watermelon, but that would be wrong, irrelevant. This hashtag will not bring anything similar to your photo, while a more relevant hashtag #cookieswould certainly be more useful and could bring new sympathy and new followers, especially if the photo is especially beautiful.

When choosing the hashtags to be used for your image, try to choose the most relevant and appropriate ones. Maybe take a look at the ones used for photos similar to yours and the ones that Instagram offers.


If you don’t know where to find matching hashtags, don’t worry. Try to search for the keyword in the Instagram search bar . To get to it, simply tap the magnifying glass icon and select the Hashtag menu as you write.

In this menu, you will be offered all the hashtags containing the word you have written, in order of popularity . This means that the first hashtag will be the most popular, i.e. with the most posts. The latter will be the least popular.

In order to find the most popular hashtag, you need to click on one of the proposed hashtags (I suggest you choose the most popular one ). This way, Instagram will show you a screen similar to the original one in the Explore menu, but only with posts about the topic you were looking for .

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There will be a profile-like image at the top of the map . From there, you can see all the stories that used the hashtag of your choice. You will then be able to follow that hashtag as if it were a user.

Below, however, you will find a horizontal list of hashtags: these are related hashtags. Write them down and then copy or write them down to your inbox . This way, you are sure to get the most out of your shot because you reach a much wider audience.

Instagram Hashtag: How To Use Hashtag On Instagram
Instagram Hashtag: How To Use Hashtag On Instagram

If you find this method tricky, you can copy the hashtags used by other users or the Instagram page that posted a photo similar to yours. Or you can use online apps and tools that, based on the hashtag or photos, suggest other hashtags to use. Personally, I prefer not to leave Instagram and use related ones. To find out more about the apps that allow you to find popular IG hashtags, please check out the more detailed section I linked to in the introduction.

Where to put hashtags on Instagram.

Hashtags are text objects, they are words . This way you can write them anywhere on Instagram as long as it is a screen where you can use text.

You can post hashtags on Instagram in your profile description (Bio), in your post descriptions and in Stories . Regardless of where you use them, every time you click on them, Instagram will always show you the same page structure, i.e. the hashtag at the top, IG Stories at the top left, and the option to follow the hashtag on the right. There will also be two selection menus called “Popular” and “Recent”, which will show trending posts with a given hashtag and the most recent posts with a given hashtag, respectively. Finally, videos and then images.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to use hashtags in the body of a message, or in what order to insert them , you should know that it doesn’t matter . Whether the hashtag is entered as the first or last word of the description, absolutely nothing will change. If you use multiple hashtags on Instagram , make sure to separate them with spaces . In case you can’t get to the bottom of it, read this guide and apply the same solution as suggested.

How many hashtags you can put on Instagram.

On Instagram, text is very limited and there is a maximum hashtag limit and a maximum character limit in general .

Regarding the character limit, at the time of this writing, this limit on Instagram is set (at the time of this writing) to 2,200 characters that can be used in the message description. This makes Instagram part of the definition of a microblogging platform i.e. platforms where users can write text with the maximum length specified by the platform in terms of characters.

When the maximum value is reached, i.e. 2,200 characters, including spaces, Instagram does not allow other characters to be inserted into the text, effectively truncating the message.

As for hashtags in posts , the limit is set at 30 and once this limit is exceeded starting from the thirty-first hashtag, they will be blocked by Instagram and displayed by users as simple, non-clicks of words . Thus, they will not be hashtags, but will be plain text.

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In History , on the other hand, the hashtag limit is even smaller, dropping to 1 . At the moment, in fact, you can use one hashtag in Fairy Tales.

If for some reason you think that 30 hashtags is not enough to fully describe and improve the pretty picture of your cookies, the only thing you can do is publish the picture more than once, making sure to use different hashtags each time .

If you do this, the 30 hashtag limit will only be a “short incident,” but be careful because it can irritate your followers who may not appreciate the repeated posting of the same photo.

Putting Instagram hashtag in a post

To put hashtags on Instagram posts, you first need to upload the image to Instagram. To do this, you need to click on the central icon in the bottom panel, with which you can select a photo from your smartphone or take a new photo using the camera.

After you have selected a photo and applied all filters, as a final step before posting, Instagram will ask you to add a description . And here you can insert your hashtag . You can write them in sequential, random order, one below the other, or within the text. The choice of location is entirely up to you.

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Please note: not everything you write will be a hashtag. In fact, hashtags are just words that are preceded by the pound symbol . The hashtag starts with a # and ends with a white space , anything between the gate and the white space will be treated by Instagram as part of the hashtag, including punctuation and emotion .

So try to be careful because there are millions of different posts between hashtag #cookiesand hashtag.This applies to both photos and videos.#cookies.

Putting an Instagram hashtag in history.

For posting hashtags on Instagram Stories , the mechanism is similar to that used for posts. The only difference is that there is no text field in the plots. Therefore, whatever you write will be superimposed on the photo or video that you post to stories.

The first thing to do is start making history . You can do this by tapping on the profile picture located in the upper left corner, or by swiping your finger along the left edge of the screen.

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At this point, you can choose to take a photo, record a video, or download an image from your gallery. Regardless of which you choose, after uploading an image or video, Instagram will ask you to edit it by applying some filters or graphic elements such as text, GIF, emoji, questions, polls, and so on.

With the hashtag tool selected , you can enter an interactive word of your choice. Choose it carefully because, unlike posts, you can only embed one hashtag at a time in your stories.

Add an Instagram hashtag to your comment.

As I said before, hashtags are text elements. Therefore, they can be inserted anywhere there is a text editor on Instagram, including comments on posts posted by you or other users or Pages.

To insert a hashtag into your comments, all you have to do is go under the post of your choice, start writing a comment, and use the erased character in front of any word you want to use as a hashtag. This is because on Instagram, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks, every word that starts with a # symbol is considered a hashtag and becomes clickable.

The number of hashtags used in comments is not limited . However, there is an additional limitation which is 240 characters . This means that you can comment on a maximum of 240 characters, which corresponds to roughly 30 words or hashtags .

Facebook hashtag

Many social media and microblogging platforms have adopted the concept of hashtag a long time ago. In some cases, such as Facebook and Instagram, where integrating and sharing content from one platform to another is very simplistic, hashtags can create confusion. For this reason, I want to clarify one concept.

When we share an Instagram post to Facebook via the Share function , we are not actually sharing, but we are republishing it.

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Instagram allows you to automatically post the same content to both Instagram and Facebook. Although the posted photo is the same, there are two different posts , one on Facebook and one on Instagram.

The two posts are completely separate, as are the hashtags, likes, comments, reactions and interactions used. This way, if you click on the hashtag on Instagram, only Instagram posts will be shown . However, if you click on the hashtag on Facebook , only Facebook posts will be shown .

Put a colour Instagram hashtag

On Instagram, text is a marginal element that has many limitations, and Instagram is very careful not to make it particularly invasive. Recently, however, some interesting text-related features have emerged on the photographic social network, such as colour hashtags .

Before you rejoice at the opportunity to include rainbow coloured hashtags in your posts, take a breath, sit back and stay calm, because you might not like what I’m about to tell you. This function is not universal: only individual hashtags are coloured , some constantly, others on special occasions, for example, on holidays or special days or months.

You don’t have the option to choose the colour of all the hashtags (at least not yet). So for the time being, you can only use hashtags like #prideand #rainbow, and hopefully more will be added in the future. Or you can colour the handwriting in stories with rainbow colours . Follow this tutorial to learn more about it.


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