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Instagram influencer fakes trip to Bali using Ikea pictures


Hyderabad: An Instagram influencer and YouTuber Natalia Taylor created a ‘believable’ story of visiting Bali, Indonesia, by posting few pictures on her Instagram handle.

After creating a flutter, she later disclosed that the pictures on her Instagram were from Ikea store near her neighborhood.

Natalia pulled of the prank smartly as most of her followers believed her fake trip to be true while some were smart enough to spot the price tags in some of the images she posted.

Natalia Taylor is an influencer with three lakh Instagram followers. She also has a YouTube account with 1.9 million followers.

In her pictures, she posed with a robe in a bathtub. Other images looked like a fancy villa or hotel with champagne. They gave her followers quite a Bali-like feel.

She randomly posted pictures of Bali to mislead her followers to believe her.

“She really out here living her best life,” one person commented. 


To make it look a little obvious she told the photographer to leave some price tags to check how smart her followers were. It turned out that people did notice that and asked, “Why does the picture look like it has been taken in Ikea?”

Three days later she revealed in her YouTube video that she had faked the trip to Bali and the video received millions of likes.

Her aim of faking the trip was to make people aware of whatever they see on internet should not necessarily be true. Sometimes people do lie about their personalities.

The idea gained millions of likes and people were quite impressed with the video.

The concept of being perfect has been idealized by so many people that they have started to fake things on the Internet by setting influencers as their role models.

However, nobody is aware about the hardships and imperfections people face as it is not popularised on the Internet.

People should stop taking the stress of being perfect for the world and rather live for themselves, the episode gave the lesson.

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