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How To View The Latest Instagram Profile Sequels


Do you use Instagram daily? So, you’ve probably noticed that there are big changes taking place in the social network owned by Facebook since 2019. While I have often praised this platform in the past for being one of the most proactive in introducing new features, now is the time to address an issue that will certainly be negative for most users. As you may have noticed, it has become difficult to see the latest sequels to the Instagram profile as the “Tracking already” section has disappeared.

This choice is due to radical changes in social media politics, which decided to take a completely new path. But don’t worry, because for every obstacle there is (almost) always a solution. All I am asking is that you use the information that I am about to give you. Some operations, in fact, can affect the privacy of other users. The manual is provided for informational purposes only, so you will be solely responsible for your actions. However, I think we can get started.

How to view the latest Instagram profile sequels

Remember what happened when you entered the Follow Already section of the Instagram app? From this position, you could control their activities and those of your “friends”, with time , like and follow . However, the social networking team has decided to change (at least for now) this habit by removing the dedicated tab.

If you now click on the heart-shaped button at the bottom, you will only be able to see the actions you have taken , without examining the actions of the other users you are following. As you will see shortly, this change has been accompanied by further changes. Either way, you can still see the latest Instagram profile sequels in a variety of ways. So let’s see all the details of the case.

Why has Instagram removed the Follow Already section.

Since 2019, the Instagram team has decided to turn everything upside down, removing a similar counter on the poles and in the same way the “Follow already” section. As I told you before, you can’t go back to looking at your Instagram totals. It is also not possible to restore the Follow Already section.

But why surrender? According to the Instagram team, this is a necessary change to focus on content rather than the success it has, which can be confusing for many people.


Seeing a lot of likes, in fact, can unconsciously nudge you to contribute to the success of the content, regardless of the actual quality . In addition, scrutinizing other people’s activities can take your attention away from the social media feed (and slightly compromise user privacy).

At the moment, even without clicking on the people who left like, you can see the total number, if you do not start counting them separately. Instead, let’s take a look at what you can do to see the latest Instagram profile sequels without a Follow Already list.

How to find out about the activity of an Instagram user

Of course, right now you are wondering how to follow another user’s Instagram activity , as the app no ​​longer lets you follow that path. In reality, alternatives can be used, which then lead to the same goal.

However, as I said at the beginning of the lesson, try to perceive this information as it is, i.e. as informative. Damaging a person’s privacy, even with harmless intentions, is never pleasant.


The first method you can use to view the latest Instagram profile sequences is the Follow Up section . In fact, you should know that from this menu you can see all the accounts that the person follows, even if not always in chronological order . This can be a great way to start your search, especially if your account is small.

However, you must remember that this road is not always viable. If you are going to view the “Follow up” section of your personal account , in fact, you will have to follow it first. This is not required for a public profile. Similarly, you will be able to view the following hashtags . For more information, see the guide on how to follow Instagram hashtags.

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To do this, first unlock your smartphone, open Instagram and go to the profile page you want to check. Here click on the Follow button (top right), which also displays the number of accounts in the user list. Once you open the page, you will have free access to the full list of Instagram profiles.

In the case of a subsequent hashtag, you will also find the hashtag item at the top of the page. Inside it there are all the interactive topics (yes, hashtags are nothing more than topics) that this particular user is a follower of.


The method I showed in the previous paragraph allows you to check all the profiles used on Instagram, but does not provide information about what changes are happening over time. It can happen that the user stops following certain profiles or follows new ones instead.

In this case, I advise you to keep an eye on the follower and follower counter , which you can find on your account home page.

However, since you have to write down the numbers each time and check the names in both lists, I decided to recommend an alternative method that is much easier to use. A free app called “Follower Analyzer for Instagram” available for Android at this Google Play address allows you to follow your profile followers effortlessly.

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After installing and opening your Instagram account, connect to it by logging into the system. Don’t worry, this is a secure app that poses no risk to your privacy. After that, click on the total number of followers or users you follow. On the next page, find and tap the profile you are interested in . Then click the Analyze button .

After the download is complete, you will be able to access a lot of really useful information, for example, the users who posted the most liked or most liked profiles . You will also be able to view a very handy graph with the trend of the likes received.

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On the other hand, iOS has fewer apps that can do this task correctly. You can try IG Analyzer available at this address on the App Store. I find this application interesting, but unfortunately it only allows you to have information related to your profile.

Alternatively, if you are connecting from a computer or browser , you can use IG Audit . This online tool, which you can easily find with an internet search, allows you to analyze all public profile interactions, giving you a detailed description of the followers. For other apps, try our guide on how to detect a fake Instagram profile.


Another method to see interactions on Instagram, often left in the background due to obscurity, is to check comments in posts . They are not randomly sorted, at least not in the part that appears in the preview.

As it happens on Facebook, the first comments are those users who interact most with that profile, or those associated with famous profiles, or even those who like it the most. Immediately after that (usually) the names of people commenting for the first time , or the names of new accounts and / or those associated with your circles (common with this profile) appear .

How to view the latest Instagram profile sequels
How to view the latest Instagram profile sequels

As basic as it is, this little trick can make you figure out who is following this profile the most and who is following it in the shortest possible time. Kind of like the order of views of an Instagram story.


A few paragraphs above, I told you that you cannot see how much, how to get a photo or video in general (as long as you are not the creator). Instagram has effectively vetoed this practice, however, allowing access to a list of profiles that have left it .

Let’s be clear: on a profile with thousands of interactions per day, this data would be pretty much useless because you would have to manually scroll through all the users in the list or otherwise search for them. A more humble profile, however, makes it much easier to find out who is leaving, as it is on Instagram. Especially if you had suspicions about the interaction between the two profiles, and then search inside I like, you could learn a lot.

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To do this, open the Instagram app and navigate to the post you want to analyze. Here, you click on the “And others” option next to “People who like”. This will open up the infamous list of those I just told you about. At the top is a search bar , where, by entering the user’s name or nickname , you can check if they left a photo or video similar.

Likewise, from this page you can directly follow the users who have given a like (by clicking the blue “Follow” button), or find out if some of them are already following them.

View all Instagram account activities

There is also another method of monitoring Instagram account activity , allowing access to direct messages, videos, photos sent, and voicemails. I’ll tell you right now that this procedure goes beyond the thin thread that separates curiosity from privacy violations. Therefore, try to take this information as purely illustrative and know that you too can become a victim of this mechanism.

Spyware , although illegal, has always been an almost intrusive interest for many users. They allow you to extract data from a PC, tablet or smartphone, gaining anonymous remote access to it. Among the most famous, there is a parental control application called Spyzie … very powerful, but still illegal if used without the consent of the victim.

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In addition to Instagram, Spyzie allows you to capture a lot of other information like WhatsApp messages, call history, and internet history. However, once this application is installed on the target mobile phone, it can be made invisible, although it remains active in the background.

Plus, many bad guys use a keylogger to keep track of everything you type on your keyboard. This is spyware that, once installed, operates silently and allows you to monitor all user actions remotely.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic “latest Instagram profile sequels ” and also understand how to protect yourself from these apps, I suggest you read my guide on how to spy on Instagram. Inside you can find all the information you need.


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