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It’s not depressing to be out of relationship – Genny Uzoma


When it was flowers, moonlight dinners, flowing wine and slow playing music for many damsels on Friday, the St. Valentine’s Day, beautiful Nollywood actress, Genny Uzoma was all on her own. There was no one warming her arms but the joy her daughter brings.

But while many may want to wrap their arms around her in pity, the former telecoms executive hardly sees herself as a damsel in distress. According to her in a chat with Potpourri, it’s the story of her life and it doesn’t bother her a hoot.

“ I could make up stories but the truth is I’m mostly always single,” she answered dryly when she was asked to share her most amazing Valentine’s story.


“I don’t have amazing or heartbreaking experiences during Val. Don’t go saying it’s depressing because is not. I’m not alone. I’ve told you it’s not depressing. It is not depressing to me. Being in a relationship isn’t an achievement. I’m quite happy with my life. I have been single for a while. Literally, I don’t have an answer for this question. I’ll get back when I meet the ‘ONE’,”she added.

Beautiful Genny has a curious story to tell about her journey in the movie industry. Her first movie was in 2005 and she remained in the industry for another two years, then left for seven years. In that time she had a steady job with a telecoms company, where she was just doing fine. But the passion was always nudging at her until she could fight it no more and had to return in 2014. Since then things have been looking up for the mother of one.

Some of the films she has featured include, I Wish she would, Bond, A Love Story, Who Killed Chief, Husbands of Lagos, among others.

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