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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review – Does It Work?


My search for an effective weight loss program began four months ago. I read review after review of several weight loss programs and was not really satisfied by any of them.

Eventually a friend of mine told me about Jillian Michaels’ new program called Body Revolution. After reading a bunch of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution reviews, I realized that this might actually be the right program for me.

So I decided to give this program a try. It seemed like many of the people who used this system got great results – and plus the host of the program is obviously a famous personal trainer.

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What follows is my in-depth Jillian Michaels Body Revolution review. I’ll discuss how it works (structure, diet plan, etc.), outline some pros and cons, and evaluate how successful it has been for me overall. By the end of my review, you should have a good ideas as to whether this system is right for you.

What is Body Revolution?

Body Revolution is basically a comprehensive three-month weight loss program. It includes a 78 page diet guide, 15 workout DVDs, and (if you buy it online) bonuses such as resistance bands and Jillian’s club membership.

Like other popular programs such as P90X, the program is broken down into three phases. Each phase will challenge you in a different way so that your results don’t plateau throughout the program.

Also integral to the program is the nutrition guide. It gives you strict guidance on what to eat and how many calories to consume per day. It also has a number of recipes, so that you can eat delicious meals in accordance with the program.

So on paper the program sounds great, but how well did it work for me?

My Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review: Did It Work For Me?

My first week on the program was really hard! I had not engaged in serious physical activity since college, so embarking on something so strenuous certainly took some adjustment. However, I liked how Jillian outlined each move clearly and easily, and kept the workout fun and entertaining.


Although it was hard work keeping up with Body Revolution, it was nice having a trainer like Jillian by my side.

Each day you cycle to a different part of your body. On the first day, you do an intense “front of body” workout. The last day of the week you do a full body workout, that blasts nearly every muscle on your body.

But just when you start to really get the hang of the moves after about a month, the program changes and you go into the second phase. Although this change may be uncomfortable for some, it actually ensures that your results don’t plateau. Consequently, the workouts in phase two are different than the ones in phase one.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review - Does It Work?
Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review – Does It Work?

Sticking with the diet was the next biggest challenge. The diet guide outlines how many calories you should eat per day. And while you don’t have to track every single calorie, you do have to keep up with the portions outlined in the diet guide.

Since it is a weight loss program, you will have to be eating at a calorie deficit. This means that you will feel a little more hungry than usual. However, the recipes for some of the meals are so packed with nutrients that feeling hungry won’t be a huge issue once you get used to the program.

My Jillian Michaels Body Revolution results

I managed to stick with the program for three solid months. I only missed a handful of workouts and (almost) followed the nutrition guide perfectly. By the time I had finished, I had lost about 20 pounds and was looking in pretty good shape. I still have some work to go (maybe another three months of the program?), but so far I am thrilled with my results.

Weaknesses of the Program

Although I found the program to be very successful in helping me lose weight, it didn’t help build or tone muscles like I thought it would. This contrasts a bit with their marketing campaigns, which suggests it will help tone your muscles and get you looking ripped.

From my experiences, this is not the case. If you are looking to build muscle, you will want to look into something else.

Is This Program Right For You?

In the end, I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to lose weight quickly. It goes into both the nutrition and and the fitness aspects of weight loss, which makes it a very comprehensive program. If you follow the program exactly, you will start to see some very promising results.

Source by Rachael Perry

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