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Life after coronavirus may not be hell


For Nigeria, Coronavirus might have infected us with many right attitudes.

The NNPC plans six first class hospitals in the six regions. The NNPC has lived for ages with a reputation for profligacy and oddities, like being the source of bribes used to undermine the integrity of elections. The NNPC had never seen itself as an agent of change. It’s certainly a new dawn because  NNPC has announced the obituary of petrol subsidy. The very subsidy we had all believed Buhari would slaughter on day one, and deny  the demons of corruption a strangle hold  on the jugular arteries of the nation. The subsidy which  by its ludicrous longevity  made us all believe it was  immortal is what one agency of government, alive to its responsibilities to the nation, has simply banished by a mere announcement.

But that wasn’t all. Some have said the NNPC may not live up to its words. But I was impressed that the NNPC didn’t just abrogate subsidy, it found the courage to state that petrol subsidy had been a drain on national resources, and to confess that the petrol subsidy  had been a conduit pipe with which the elites sucked the nation dry in the name of helping the poor.

So let us not worry about whether the  NNPC killed  or merely knocked subsidy into a coma.  The statement that subsidy served corruption and served the rich rather than the poor was for me the burial of petrol subsidy. Anyone who tries to resurrect it would have to tell us if he knows more than the NNPC and whose interests he has at heart.

There is a chance that some of the gaping holes in our national public life can be filled by one agency thinking right at anytime time.

The CBN has always had the capacity to build two or three  proper public  libraries  and museums. It can choose  to build and equip a  first rate  Cancer treatment center somewhere since it sees   how much foreign  exchange  poor Nigerians  waste traveling to India to treat cancer.

Twelve years ago, I had a meeting with the managing director of one of the banks . I asked him why they were building new branches and declaring huge earnings without bothering about their health and safety.

He said they  couldn’t do banking and do healthcare and that in any case they had medical insurance that included air evacuation. I explained to him that a  routine fall from a staircase could mean a brain injury  that would need a bit of time before being flown out . I did that to let him know that taking some billions from his crazy profits and building a first rate hospital in Lagos served public interest and served his own prudential interests. He didn’t listen. Who would have thought that there could ever  be a time such as this when the sick would be treated wherever they were and air ambulances might find it difficult to take anybody anywhere.

Since Coronavirus  came, our billionaires have been reacting , opening their wallets. They must be commended. But these donations would have been  better utilized if they were ploughed more  thoughtfully into our healthcare system rather than used to fight fires. If once in a while they pulled themselves together and intervened to fill a social service gap left by government, they would achieve more.  The nation needs a modern trauma/ orthopedic center. Lagos can host it. I hope two or three people can take up the challenge.


Our universities are in shambles. The churches have done very well. Covenant university has a first rate university. Our banks can effortlessly build and run universities. If every state in the north perhaps had the kind of university Atiku established in Adamawa the north could be a different place.

The private sector can set the standards of excellence we want to see in the public sector

Suddenly, we are all  talking about the poor and hunger. Even those who mocked Trader Moni and termed it wasteful  are now shouting at  the government to take money to the streets. A friend of mine who once derided the paltriness of N10,000 is now championing calls for the government to pay 10,000 naira to all  poor Nigerians as economic stimulus. Hopefully it would become part of us. I have seen neighbours calling on neighbors asking them if they need food. Folks have put money together and sent food to their home towns. Hopefully a new consciousness has been awakened.

More will come.

It is foreseeable that  our revenues from oil and monthly federal allocations  to states will dry up. So  every state may  have to find a  way to survive. For many years we have  sung and danced tunes  about diversification of the economy. In a few months to come diversification could become a way of life. There is no way the profligacy center and local levels will continue after this. And the good thing, if it can be so called,  about the recession we are dipping into is the feeling that we are not into it alone. Everybody  will go through a recession.

The Post Coronavirus period globally  will be a new era. We will shake hands and hug less. We will keep healthier lifestyles knowing that when the agents of the devil come, they snatch those with co morbidity more quickly. We will smoke less perhaps because Corona virus and its cousins could be in the shadows and they have great appetite for smokers. We will watch our weights better because obesity sometimes makes us vulnerable to Diabetes Mellitus which leaves us unarmed against some wayward viruses.

In  Nigeria, in the Post Corona period,  we could be wiser. We have watched pastors and Imams hold strongly onto foolish opinions. So we should have learnt not to swallow what we hear in churches and mosques without chewing them. We will engage less in frivolous trips abroad knowing that something sinister could just be lurking somewhere and that sometimes we are not safer abroad.

If Corona, despite all its evils, weans us off oil then truly  it would not have been as cruel to us as it has been to some others.

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