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List of 10 best work-friendly cafes in Hyderabad


Hyderabad: The advent of COVID-19 has brought forth many changes in our lives and one thing that has changed drastically is the work culture. Unlike the previous years, when employees used to suit up early morning and head out to the office with a hefty briefcase by their side, offices have now become remote.

While, it is surely a blessing, working from home can sometimes turn into an ordeal. The continuous staring at the illuminated screen of the laptop, with no human interaction whatsoever, can get tedious and extremely repetitive.


At times, one may even crave a place where you can find friendly people, an uninterrupted internet connection, a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee, and a few tasty dishes to relish.

That is when work-friendly cafes come in. Tucked away from the clamoring of the city, with mesmerizing views, and plenty of space, these 10 cafes in Hyderabad are upping the way Gen Z works.

This list is surely a breather for all those people who have been exhausted working at home.

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