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Live-in Relationships and Pre-Marriage Sex


The recent remarks of the Supreme Court of India, on live-in relationships and pre-marriage sex, have raised many eyebrows. Like most people of my generation, I too was initially shocked. However, greater analysis of the subject made me realise that the apex legal body has changed with the times. We keep criticising one and all on such issues. But, a deeper thought would change your opinion and outlook on this.

I had been looking forward to write on this sensitive issue and share my views with the readers. However, due to pre occupations couldn’t do so earlier. The moment I was ready I scratched my limited grey cells to get some logical views. Here follows what I could get.

Relationship, mathematically is a subset of sex. Both have to co-exist and follow one another to complete the activity of sacred union. Nothing is good or bad in this universe if one is fully convinced of being right. It is only one’s conviction that is of essence in this. Why did people get married earlier? What was the objective of doing so? I am sure everyone would agree that it was to build a relationship and produce lovely kids out of it. One may say that like the revolution in communication of earlier times of writing a letter and the present instant SMSing services, there is a revolution in relationship. Objectives are the same but the activity has been fast forwarded.


However, like the fundamental rights there are fundamental duties. One just cannot justify rights forgetting the duties. This new change should be taken in a more positive and responsible way. The live in relationship and sex before marriage is a serious activity that should be indulged in with all seriousness and sincerity. If you misuse it, it will misuse you both. It is a really private affair and need not be discussed in public.

Finally, the concept of live-in relationship and pre-marriage sex have now started gaining the recognition of statutory bodies. Everyone is changing with the times which is a welcome sign. However, if one indulges in it just for fun or time pass activity, it will result in an explosion of a dynamite which is in immature hands. The hands that failed to control the explosion. The result will be negative for people involved in particular and society in general. So, think over it before convincing yourself or your mate that Supreme Court has given you a licence to go for the kill. Let me know what do you feel.

Source by Bakshinder Singh

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