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Long Distance Relationship Advice – 3 Tips to Keep Him Interested From Afar


With different schedules and communication challenges, any woman that has ever been involved in a long distance relationship can agree that it is difficult at times. Although these relationships occur all of the time, not many women plan on initially participating in a relationship with someone many miles away and are in need of some good long distance relationship advice. It is hard enough juggling schedules with your significant other when he or she only lives down the street and around the corner, but how do you deal with the initial emptiness that inevitably comes with long distance relationships?

It may be challenging, but it is definitely not impossible to have a wonderful and thriving relationship with a person long distance. Of course both parties must be willing to make it work. It cannot be one sided. Below are three tips of long distance relationship advice that, when practiced, can keep the spark alive in your relationship.

  • Come up with ways to communicate with each other – communicating with your partner can mean more than just picking up a cell phone and hearing each other’s voice. There are free internet communication services that allow people to chat or use webcams to “see” each other. However you choose to communicate, it is important to keep any channel of communication open.
  • Make time for your significant long distance other – with one person moving (or already living) in a new place will bring along new experiences, friends, and hobbies, but that doesn’t mean that the other person should become a last priority. It is important to set aside times in the day to talk to your partner about any and everything. Talk about details of the day, anticipate future trips together, but make sure you let your partner know that they are still appreciated.
  • Trust your partner – This is probably the best long distance relationship advice I could give. Of course, it is easier said than done, but feelings of suspicion comes with not being able to see your partner every or every other day. Constant worry will eventually lead to arguments. Frequent arguments will lead to the other person pulling back a bit. If both partners have the same level of faith in the relationship, both partners need to understand that the relationship is what you make it.

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