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Love and Trust – The Bedrock of Successful Marriages


What brings people together most times are what they discover to have in common. It may be social, political, health or other features that could be attractive to them. Once people get close because of one factor or the other, attraction develops within the people. They are called friends at this stage because they share things in common, and could hold one another in confidence even on confidential issues. From this point, a bond is developed because they can hold each other in confidence in any situation. Holding each other in confidence no matter what may be is called trust.

This attribute creates the platform for an enduring relationship. Trust is believing in the other person at all times and in all situations. Trust means not doubting due to rumors but waiting to hear from your partner. Trust means suspecting that the rumor mongers are jealous of your beautiful relationship and have come to destroy. It also means not listening to any such rumors concerning your relationship. Because you trust, you can love and be loved.


Love is built over time when trust has been established. You cannot love if you cannot trust and you will only love or be loved if you can trust. In any relationship, if there is no trust, there will be chaos- cheating, quarreling, fighting, telling lies, etc. Happiness will vanish and love will die. Love means giving one’s self to another without looking forward to a reward. Trust is holding firmly that your partner is always true to you in whatever circumstance. These two elements- love and trust make an enduring relationship. We should always work hard to have them as attributes of our relationships.

Failure to have true love and trust faithfully leads to fights, divorce, hatred and family separation. Sacrificing for the good of the other is what love is all about. Doing all you can to ensure that your partner is always happy is true love. Believing that there can never be another one like the man or woman you married brings about perfect love. My experience in marriage is that love is sweet and even sweeter than honey. I will always be in love with my darling wife even at a ripe old age and I am fully convinced that that is her decision for me too. Because we truly trust each other and our love know no bounds. You need to show love everywhere you are for life to get better today.

Source by Kelvin Godson

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