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Love The Planet: Sustainable Beauty Habits


Worried about the impact your daily skincare routine is having on the planet? We understand you. But in order to change something, it is not at all necessary to abandon the usual beauty rituals. Every little thing we do to reduce waste already improves the situation. So let’s do our best for our planet using simple eco-friendly life hacks!

Love The Planet: Sustainable Beauty Habits

Give up disposable cotton pads

Choose a more sustainable alternative: reusable cleansing wipes, wash sponges, or even face towels. Cotton pads go straight to landfill and cannot be disposed of properly – for example, due to the bleach used in their production.

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Recycle packaging

Instead of just throwing away your empty skin care products, try giving them a second life to help minimize the waste that goes to landfills. Empty glass jars are great for storing hair clips or reusable cleansing pads. When shopping for new products, choose products with glass or recycled plastic packaging.

Love The Planet: Sustainable Beauty Habits
Love The Planet: Sustainable Beauty Habits

Choose versatile products

Choosing a 2-in-1 product means less packaging waste. Why not try NovAge Cleansing Gel and Toner or 2-in-1 Revitalizing Facial Mask?


Do not use products with plastic microbeads

Plastic microspheres in the composition of scrubs enter the sewer and from it into our water systems, where they have a devastating effect on the ecoworld of rivers, lakes and seas, the environment in general and human health. Make sure your scrubs contain natural exfoliating particles, not plastic ones – only such products are available at Oriflame. We only use exfoliants of natural origin, such as almond shells or salt crystals.

Turn off the tap and save the water

Do not leave the water running while you apply the cleanser or brush your teeth. The drained water enters the sewerage system and is re-filtered, which requires a lot of electricity.

Choose organic ingredients

Biodegradable products and organic ingredients are much safer for the environment. Love Nature’s biodegradable cleanser formulas help reduce water pollution, while organic ingredients (in a range of lines including Love Nature and Ecobeauty) are created using fewer chemicals and pesticides in growing, harvesting and manufacturing.

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Use a reasonable amount of funds

We often use a lot more shampoo or shower gel than we need. Do not pour too much of the product: it is better to lather it in your palms and only then apply to the body or hair. Less waste means fewer empty bottles and great savings as a bonus. Double Victory!

Summer. Closer to you

Every summer is special, and you want to remember every day in it. Enjoy the rays of the sun, the smiles of friends, the world … Let’s do it together! Let’s get closer with people who are truly dear to us. Let’s notice the nature around and help it blossom – it’s not difficult at all. Let’s plunge into space here and now! Find out more about environmental initiatives with us and ask your own eco-trends. Use the comment bellow.


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