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Love yourself when nobody loves you — Moet Abebe


Popular TV presenter and actress, Laura Monyeazo Abebe, popularly known as Moet Abebe may have spent the St. Valentine’s Day all alone. The AOP actually gave herself away in a series of posts she made three days before Val’s Day.

In the post she was rather obsessed with herself, preaching the gospel of loving oneself and making love to oneself with direct reference to St. Valentine’s Day.

In the first post, which she made with luscious picture of herself in sensual red dress with a tease of her boobs peeping, she said, “ Valentine’s round the corner,” like she was giving out a secret.

Then, she followed it up with a picture of herself alone at a dinner table, yet in a red dress, saying, “Dinner for one is served, who needs a Valentine? When you’ve got all this love to give to yourself.


Afterwards, she finished it with another post that may have nailed our suspicion that the British-born Nigerian was truly alone, loving herself on Valentine’s Day.

“Make love ❤️to yourself as no one loves you the way you love yourself,” she said.

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