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Meet Larissa, Davido’s Baby Mama, her profile and Children



There’s so much confusion with the alleged Davido Baby Mama saga. In this article, we share all there is to know about Larissa Davido Baby Mama, her profile, and children.

For a long time, we’ve been awed by the consistency and perfection in the love tale between Davido and his soon-to-be-bride, Chef Chioma.

Just last week, we were greeted with the news that Davido had an accident and appears to be using crutches to aid his movement.

However, a more disturbing event has taken place that may rock the foundations of his affair with Chioma. And this time, it looks as though Davido may have fathered a 4th child with a woman based in the UK.

Larissa London Davido baby Mama

First released via Instagram, by Gist Merchant, Davido’s latest baby mama goes by the name Larissa Yasmin Lorenco. Larissa Yasmin Lorenco appears to be a makeup artist based in UK, although she was born and raised in Angola.

According to the report, this woman has been in Davido’s life since 2017. The report also shows the woman in the background, in a viral photo of the singer and American rapper, Cardi B.

Shortly afterward, there appears to be a desperate act by the singer Davido, who quickly blocked the lady on Social media to save his relationship with his soon-to-be wife, Chioma Rowland.

As expected the singer has also denied ever having anything to do with Larrissa Yasmin and has cut off any form of access to him.

Interestingly, Davido earlier announced on Social media that he is going off for a while to deal with personal issues. Perhaps it is the new baby mama drama that’s sending him hot on his heels?

However, the report on the Instagram page of the Gist Mania blog reads:

“There have been rumours floating around for a while now of Davido having another child. I’m here to confirm the gist and give details. Meet the newest baby mama Larissa Yasmin Lorenco A.K.A Larissa London. A make up artist born and raised in Angola but moved to UK and have been in David’s life since 2017 (swipe to see her in the background of his picture back in 2017). He sure knows how to shuffle these women at the same time.

She went off social media when the rumour initially started and have only just returned to posting again. She posted the above picture to make it seem like she is still pregnant so as to confuse the timeline meanwhile she already delivered a baby boy back in March and this is an old picture.

This is her second child as she already has a daughter. he hook up that resulted in this pregnancy happened in NewYork Mid last year (Summer ‘19) when David was back and forth in US first for his second daughter’s birthday, then a brief Euro tour, back in US for Memorial weekend show, next in Nigeria for his first daughter’s hair product launch and then back in US in June for another show in Philadelphia and branched afterward in NY to give Larissa belle before moving on to ATL for the rest of his trip.

Larissa was also with him at the Afrofest Portugal that happened back in August of 2019. Davido is currently denying the baby and blocked her so she has no access to him. He is trying to save face with the Chef Chi. For a while now things haven’t been rosy between them and they have been living apart but with this news now, trust them to come together and do photoshoot, pressing breast and sharing tongue to convince us that Chivido is still going to happen. My guess? Chivido is dead in the water. Fingers crossed.”

Larissa Yasmin Bio

Larissa Yasmin was born and raised in Angola. She is however currently a UK-based make-up artist. However, there are other alleged confirmations that the woman has worked as a make-up artist of series of Davido’s music videos and live shows. One may certainly wonder if that was their meeting point.

However, there isn’t much known yet to be the truth. What we do know is that Larissa Yasmin has two children currently and resides in the UK. As the report says, we can only keep fingers crossed and wait for the outcome of this Larissa Davido baby mama drama to end.

Source: Naija Online Guide

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