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Millennial demand for upbringing plants at home is pretty high


Washington: Being a good ‘plant-parent’ can be one of the biggest challenges to most millennials and here’s why. After meta-analysing the millennial behaviour towards herbs and shrubs, the study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Article, stated that 22 per cent are intimidated because they’ve accidentally killed one in the past.

According to the new research, the millennial demand for upbringing plants at home is pretty high and still, 20 per cent of them would rather go through a root canal procedure than take the pressure of having a houseplant to take care of.

As mentioned in a poll of 2,000 millennials, 67 per cent between the age of 25 and 39 fear responsibilities, which is why taking care of a plant might be a challenge to them.

The lack of ‘plant study’ is a big answer to this. Figuring out the quantity of water, sunlight and pruning a plant requires has become another question mark, along with not knowing the difference between indoor and outdoor plants.


Half of the respondents, according to the survey results, own houseplants to suit their decor and match the aesthetic. As much as 47 per cent liked the trendy greenery they incorporated and 81 per cent did it for their peace of mind and better health.

“Plants are an easy way to add colour and life to any space,” said Zoe Garred, director of product development at Article. “The survey revealed millennials’ desire to incorporate plants into their home despite the apprehension and challenges associated with plant care,” added Zoe.

Self-care comes from within if you know how to take care of your plants and despite the anxiety, 7 in 10 millennials still consider themselves as “plant-parents” because after all, never stop trying.

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