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Mom Sets Twitter Ablaze After Burning Pokémon Cards To Get Her Kid To Behave


Gotta catch ’em all! Catch all the shade, that is.

The Twittersphere cannot stop roasting and criticizing one Republican political strategist’s approach to childrearing with a use of flames that would make Charmander blush: Verified Twitter user Liz Mair is burning her kids’ Pokémon cards as a form of discipline for her misbehaving child.

While many parents may disagree on where they draw the line in terms of discipline, if Twitter is any indication, setting cutesy Nintendo character playing cards on fire is a decidedly unsavory approach.

Check out the original tweet from Mair below:

Those could be worth something one day, lady.


Is Mair part of Team Rocket or something?

Totally normal thing to do, Karen—I mean Liz!

If you studied your Pokédex well, you’d know fire is particularly harmful to grass types.

Yeah no big deal, just simply making a Nintendo bonfire over here.

Blue Check, it’s time to play my trap card!

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