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My husband okays my flaunting of my boobs — Busayo Owolabi


Busty and beautiful Yoruba actress, Busayo Owolabi has explained how she landed the role she played so well in the Yoruba flick titled ‘Alayaki”, a film that portrays a town where the only inhabitants are busty women, all hungry for a man until one landed in the name of Okunnu (Wale Akorede) and all hell broke loose.

She said the producer of the movie, Wale Akorede saw her on a location and saw that she’s very busty, fair and beautiful and could pray very well. Since her role entails a busty woman who could pray the producer thought she would bring the role to life and she did.

“Yes, he saw that I’m busty, fair and beautiful, he believes I could interpret the role very well. But I wouldn’t say it was my boobs that earned me that role as there are many busty women in the industry but the way I pray. I’m a very prayerful person,” she said in a chat with Potpourri


Busayo, who has a son of 10 years old has been married for more than 11 years. On whether her husband frowns at her flaunting her boobs, she has this to say:

“He knows it’s my job and understands that as a busty lady there’s no way and no dress I wear that my boobs won’t show. That’s the price you have to pay for being busty. It cannot be hidden no matter what you wear. I try as much as possible to manage my marriage. It is understanding that matters and my husband understands me,” she said.

Busayo Owolabi has featured in many Yoruba films and recently produced her own film “Ifenumi”.

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