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My love for entertainment led me into online comedy skits – Spycyzy


With social media came the ability to create your own content, advertise yourself and make money in the process. Very popular in Nigeria at the moment is online comedy skit and many have created success for themselves venturing into that line of humour merchanting.

Speaking with recently Chikata Kelechukwu Augusta better known as Spycyzy, one of the few ladies who have decided to create a niche for herself in that space explained that her love for entertainment was all the push she needed.

The graduate of Theatre Arts and Films Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka said that she finds fun in it because it was what she read in school.

Her words “The love I have for entertainment made me venture into doing online comedy skits. I chose my passion, studied it in school and I’m also practising it. This is just the beginning because I have a lot of plans for the future.

“I started with twerk videos and song promotions. I have actually lost three Instagram accounts but still, I kept on pushing. I thought to myself why not give my audience the real me so I switched into comedy skit immediately on 9th December 2019 and since then it has not been easy striving to be known.

“If you go on my Instagram page, you will see videos of me on a towel on the road and market side. I do this because that is my way of being unique. Currently, there are a lot of skit makers out there but the ability to be different is what counts. You hardly see a girl doing that as it takes a lot of boldness.


“I want to add that my mom is my greatest supporter as she always backs me up no matter what. She is in love with my craft and definitely my dad. I don’t have any regrets I chose entertainment.”

On some of the challenges, she’s faced and her plans moving forward, she said “It has been really tough to get through to other skit makers; to feature them and for them to help too. It has been really tough especially as a lady. It has been gbas-gbos. I want to start working on short films for my YouTube channel. That’s the next project I’m planning for.”

Spycyzy went ahead to shower praises on the likes of @tooama and @mrmarconi who she describes as exceptional and @lasisielenu because they inspire her to want to keep doing more and be unique.

The Imo State-born entertainer when quizzed on who has been most helpful to her, she replied, “I have not had any of them carrying my case on their head actually but I have few to thank for their support and help since I started @tundeednut @isbae_u @oluwadorlarz @the_korexx @papaemeka and also @slimcase, he has really helped me too and many others.

Spycyzy is on Instagram @_spycyzy

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