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My Wife Bores Me – What Absolutely NOT to Do If You’re Thinking "I’m Bored With My Wife" – What Now?


Are you a husband who is constantly thinking my wife bores me, and don’t know what to do to turn the marriage around?

Well you’re not alone.

The fact is that a lot of men get to a point where they’re thinking “I’m bored with my wife”… but there are ways to save a marriage in this circumstance.

What to Do If You’re a Man Who is Saying My Wife Bores Me….

One of the things that I’ve always hated is to hear someone say that a marriage is supposed to get boring after a while. Or that it’s normal for a marriage to get boring or even fail. I don’t believe that at all that it has to be that way ever.

But that’s not saying that it doesn’t happen, and that you won’t ever end up saying my wife bores me. It does happen but there are things that you can do to fix the marriage rather than let it dwindle because of boredom.

Just as well there are things that you should never do when this happens.

What Never to Do if You’re Bored With the Wife and the Marriage…


So you come home from work and you see your wife and it’s not that feeling of excitement that you used to have when you saw her. Maybe you know that trouble is going to arise and there’s going to be a fight.

Maybe you just don’t feel anything so it’s like passing your sister in the house. Or maybe you’ve just given up because you know that there’s not even going to be any sex anyways so what the heck is the use.

If you’re feeling like this then you might be tempted to make some very drastic decisions that ultimately irreversible! The best marriage advice for a man that I can give you is don’t do anything right now out of boredom that will ruin your marriage.

The fact is that the boredom will pass but the things you might do out of boredom likely won’t.

It may sound like a given but don’t cheat on your wife out of boredom. In fact don’t even put yourself in a position that cheating will be an option. Don’t flirt with waitresses, don’t get close to women at work, none of those shenanigans. A lot of men will try to justify these things and actually blame their wife for their boredom, but the fact is that you’re just as responsible for keeping the marriage alive as she is…and you’re likely doing some a lot of things that aren’t helping the situation.

Also don’t go blabbing to people that you’re bored with your marriage. If this gets back to your wife then even if you’re not even thinking about cheating or messing around outside the marriage, that’s exactly what she’s going to think. That will just cause a lot of extra strife on the marriage.

So then it goes without saying that you shouldn’t tell her either. Again her thoughts will automatically go to your wanting to fool around and get your rocks off.

If you’re thinking my wife bores me, my marriage bores me then you have to be extremely careful of the things that you do so that you don’t damage your marriage.

Source by Jason T. Nelson

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