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Nendoroid announces new figures for 2022, including Zagreus, Jolyne Kujoh


Good Smile Company has announced the next lineup in their popular Nendoroid line, and it features characters from some of our favorite recent anime and a surprise appearance from a popular video game protagonist.

The Japanese hobbyist and figure company launched the Nendoroid line in 2006, featuring chibi designs of characters from popular anime, manga, and video games, coming with detachable parts for posing and even swappable faceplates to change a figure’s expression.

With characters ranging from Link to Hatsune Mike to Sully, the possibilities for each new lineup are endless. This new lineup includes shonen manga and anime protagonists like Bojji and Jolyne, alongside a manga-spinoff take on The Witcher’s Geralt next to hololive’s VTuber Oozora Subaru.


Here’s a complete list of new characters releasing throughout 2022:

Based on responses on social media, Zagreus looks to be the most anticipated new release. The protagonist of Supergiant’s hit indie roguelike Hades, Zag’s figure comes with his Stygius blade, Aegis shield, and a bottle of nectar. 

“There’ve been statues of the Olympians for thousands of years, why shouldn’t Zag get one,” Supergiant asked on Twitter.

Each figurine is available for pre-order in the U.S. via Good Smile’s regional web store.

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